Saturday, July 9, 2011

Crafty Creation…VERY delayed

So a month ago I posted this before picture:

 Jewelry Holder

with the promise I’d have the after photos of my crafty creation. Well a month later here they are.

 6.11.11 Jewelry Holder (8) 6.11.11 Jewelry Holder  

Nothing fancy.  Nothing elaborate.  Just an expandable silverware contraption ($10), some 1/2 price knobs from Hob Lob, spray paint & super glue. You are welcome to search your house for other items….that’s how we found the basket and two hooks on the the front. :)

My old jewelry holder was a clear pocket system that attached to a hanger & hung in my closet amongst my clothes.  I liked it, however it began falling apart so when we moved I disposed of it and resorted to placing all my jewelry in the drawer of a desk like table in our room. 

There were many problems with that lack of system. #1 Isaac knew where my jewelry was. #2 Necklaces, bracelets & ear rings were all jumbled up & a knotted mess therefore I never even wanted to wear any of it. #3 Isaac knew where it was.  #4 My silver pieces started to tarnish quite bad…not sure if it was the wooden drawer or the AZ climate.  Time will tell.

I was pleased with the results for 2 main reasons…it hangs on my closet wall close to my clothing…handy proximity. AND I can see most all pieces hanging neatly on the knobs as opposed to knotted together in the drawer or thrown on my floor. Yay!


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