Monday, July 18, 2011

One Year

Disbelief.  Amazement. Astonished…insert any other synonym and it would semi-adequately describe my feelings.  It was July 18th, 2010 we pulled out of Derby headed to the southwest.  The year has gone by so very, very quickly I can hardly believe it.  Some days it feels like forever ago, others it feels like just yesterday.

Our homesickness has been eased with almost monthly visits by someone from the Midwest.  If I recall correctly we had contact with “home” every month except September and May.  {July ‘10 Dwain & Peggy, Aug. ‘10 Dwain & Peggy again, my mom, sister niece &  nephew, Chris & Mandy and our niece Libby, October ‘10 Dwain & Peggy, my mom & dad, Nov. ‘10 went to KS for Thanksgiving, Dec. ‘10 Dwain & Peggy for Emma’s bday leading into the new year, Jan. ‘11 my aunt Lisa & cousin Megan, February ‘11 the kids & I went back to KS, Mar. ‘11 my sister & her two kiddos came again, April ‘11 my mom came, June ‘11 my cousin Diane came to ride back to KS with me for my June/July KS trip.} Whew! I feel very fortunate that we have been blessed with as many visitors as we have.

Besides terribly missing family & friends our move has felt like a long term vacation so far.  I for one don’t “work” anymore. Removal from our day in & day out obligations have freed us to find & enjoy down time with the kids to enjoy simply daily things.  It feels like a slower paced life.  We’ve been blessed to find a great church to worship & serve in.  Matt has taken a role in the Ushering ministry at church, and I am a small group leader in the 3-5 yr old classroom.  We have become friends with 2 of our neighbors, as well as another family in our neighborhood and my hair dresser all with children our kiddos ages.  Emma loves her school and has met many playmates.  Aidan will be starting at a preschool in town this fall.

We have fallen into a great routine.  Church takes most the day Sunday and we end each Sunday evening with a Skype call to Grandma & Papa.  Not the “same” as seeing them each Sunday after church, but thankful for the technology we have to remain in touch.  We “go to town” Wednesdays for story time at the library & grocery shopping.  And that’s about it.  Kinda sounds dull compared to the hustle & bustle we seemed to live in KS.  But this time spent during the warmer months swimming pretty much everyday & the milder months spent at neighborhood parks playing with friends keeps us grounded & create happy times as a family.

Here’s a few lists that sum up what I’ve learned this past year…

Things I Miss About KS-                                     Things I Do NOT Miss-

- trees & shade                                                      - humidity

- friends & fam                                                       - unpredictable weather

- church activities at FCC                                 - the pull of constantly going/doing

- our babysitters                                                    - tornadoes

- friends & family                                                    - ice storms

- MOPS & women’s bible studies                      - hail

- date nights with my hubs

- being available to friends & fam in need

- the smell of rain showers

- seasons, especially Fall

- grass, smell of cut grass

- did i mention my friends?

- our swing set

- wheat fields

- bday cakes from Karra’s


Things I like About AZ -                                                 Things I Do NOT Like About AZ -

- may be hot, but predictable weather                 - scorpions

- clear blue skies & sunshine                                       - stinky rain

- new things to see & do                                             - family & friends not here

- our pool                                                                         - haboobs

- our beautiful home & it’s price ;)                           - rattle snakes

- my free time to spend with my kids                      - 20 lanes of traffic

- 75 mph speed limits                                               - doing laundry, thanks to scorpions

- flip flops year round                                                    - lack of cold tap water

- no fuss with coats & rarely jackets                        - brushing teeth w/above water

- no ice or snow…or mud                                            - 80 degrees…indoors                 

- my car stays clean (see above)                             - electric bills

- mountain views                                                           - 5-5:30 AM sunrise

- fall & spring break for school

- lots of splash pads

- clear, bright, starry night sky

- diversity

Not sure how the lists all total up, but I do know a year after taking the final step of obedience in moving that we still believe we made the right step.  We still see God working though our obedience to follow His will for our lives.  There have been hard days and moments of deep sadness, but I have found peace in trying to make life happy here, even though our decision to come caused others we left behind pain.  I try to not live for the hope of moving back, but to be content in where He has me.


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