Saturday, July 9, 2011

More Summer Fun

Summer Checklist (2)

Several Summer Fun activities helped me as mama pack & prepare for our trip back to KS.  Build a fort & movie day helped keep them entertained while I packed. And PJ day helped keep the amount of laundry down while I was getting stuff together! :)  And here they thought it was fun all for fun…they had NO idea how helpful it was to mommy!! Hehehe.  I’m so sneaky!!

I might even be guilty of adding items to the list I already knew we would be doing…kinda like listing “showering” on your daily to do list.  You know going into it that you’ll be successful at SOMEthing. :) So I knew our visit to KS would include traveling out of state, visiting grandparents & going to a fair.

New Mexico & Kansas

i phone pics 1406.21 - 6.26 Melvern leg of KS trip (11)

Seeing grandparents.

 6.15 - 6.18 1st leg of KS trip (15) 7.4.11 last mimi papa visit in KS (6)      6.21 - 6.26 Melvern leg of KS trip (66) 6.21 - 6.26 Melvern leg of KS trip (138)

In preparation for our trip Emma & I went to get our nails done.  Whew AZ is rugged on a gals feet!!  I was uhMAZED at how wonderful it felt after 10 months of darn near nothing but flip flops to have my feet pampered. Little did I know the salon had a children’s pedicure chair too.  Emma was thrilled!!  I got french tip, she got…what else, but hot pink w/ zebra stripes.  Those gals are awesome using nails as a teeny tiny canvas!!!

i phone pics 127 i phone pics 132

My co pilot on the trip was my cousin Diane.  She flew in on Sunday the 12th and was hardly here 48 hours so we wanted to cram something Arizonaish into her “stay”.  So we took her on a small hike & picnic at the White Tank Mountains park.  I assured her it was safe…

6.13.11 Hiking with Didi (10)6.13.11 Hiking with Didi (6) P

Nothing beats the clear, blue skies of AZ.  Who knew even a cactus could be pretty?!?

6.13.11 Hiking with Didi (14) P 6.13.11 Hiking with Didi (4) P 

Had to get a shot of Didi with something Arizonaish.

6.13.11 Hiking with Didi (8) P 6.13.11 Hiking with Didi (9) P

The cactus below is so cute and misleading.  While it may appear soft, fluffy and as if little cactus “balls” have fallen off the plant onto the ground that is NOT the case.  I saw what appeared to be a cactus ball laying on the ground.  BARELY touched it with my flip flop (yes, this was a VERY rugged hiking trail ;) ) and it attached itself to my shoe!!!  Somehow in the process I got one on my other heel!!  AHH…my fresh pedicure!!! :)

6.13.11 Hiking with Didi (12) P   6.13.11 Hiking with Didi


Amy said...

That cactus is called a ''jumping cactus'' (no joke)!! LOL, I learned the hard way (too) myself way back in 1995 when i 1st moved to AZ!!!! ;)

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