Friday, August 12, 2011

DIY Cupcake Stand ~ on the cheap!!

At the last minute I decided I needed a cupcake tower for Isaac’s birthday cupcakes.  Surfing around online and on some of my favorite blogs I pieced together some ideas for making my own. 

First stop Michael’s to get wooden spindles, dowels & spool components to add height and levels to the stand.

Second stop Goodwill to find plates, platters or trays to use as the base for each level.  (Actually truth be told I checked other “dollar” type stores and didn’t find anything to my liking) I found these cheesy holiday trays.  I like how each one is a bit different.  The snowman has scalloped edges, the Santa higher raised edges & the train plate was just the right size for the top tier.


First, I sprayed all the platters & wooden pieces with a white kilz primer and followed that with a coat of Semi-gloss white.  I connected one shorter & one taller spindle with a dowel rod through the center hole and a little E-6000 glue for stability. These connected pieces separate each plate creating the tiered levels.  The wooden napkin ring & wooden finial are glued together to decorate the top plate.

I used the E-6000 glue to glue each platter layer & dowel connected wooden pieces together starting with the bottom.  If time had allowed (me=procrastinator) I would have like to find a way to make this  be able to be taken apart after each use…like maybe by drilling holes through the platters, inserting a dowel or bar with threads & nuts to secure. (???)DSC09088 

Not too bad for less than $12 in supplies.

Circles cut from sports themed scrapbook paper customizes bottom of each plate on the stand.  While you could modpodge the paper down I chose to not adhere the paper so the stand can be used and customized for any party theme.  {I personally think the stand needs a gloss paint coat or clear coat to ease with clean up.}


As far as the cupcakes I made regular white cupcakes, frosted each with green “grass” and topped with a cake ball - ball.


It helps to have a cute lil’ assistant chef & beater licker! :) Take note he doesn’t care to have his hands dirty….his face on the other hand….



Lolly Jane said...

CUTE stand! (:

cassie.sannicolas said...

Great job! How many cupcakes did it hold?

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