Friday, August 26, 2011

My Pabby, My Friend. By: Issac

My mom’s been behind on her blog & short on motivation so I thought I’d take a break from getting into things and do a guest post about one of my favorite things.  I’m needing help from any readers out there who can help me find my long lost friend…

I was introduced to my friend pabby at an early age.  My parents like to call it pacci, pappy, plug, or “STUPID thing” depending on the moment and if they are looking for it at the time.

The first one they gave me had a handy little hole in the end that helped me hold on to it…although sometimes I clung to my mama’s arm making her hold it.Hold Pacci

The pabby has helped me catch lots of Zzzzzz’s in many different ways.

Sleepy Time

After the first hospital pabby the gave me this one that has a nice little “handle” on the end.  I have no preference if it is upright, sideways or upside down…so long as I have it!! :)

Every which way

My parents started talking about taking pabby away when they noticed my beginning stages of pabby hoarding.  I like collecting and carrying them around in bowls, boxes or other random containers.  I showed my will to keep them by using more than one at a time.  Surely they know I’m serious….Pappy Collector 

Everyone once in a while I will replace my pabby…for something like a sucker. I’m no dum dum!! ;) I think my parents secretly like my pabby as much as I do…I mean they even chained it to me a time or two. When it is attached to me I noticed they don’t walk around saying “where is that stupid thing?” quite as much.pappy

My pabby has been there for me through thick & thin.  When mom found me emptying & climbing drawers I’m pretty sure the GASP she gave was b/c she was glad I hadn’t lost my pabby.  Even though everyone thought I shouldn’t have it any more I was super happy to have it keep me calm after my whole hit-by-car incident.  The nurse even said “we love pacifiers”.  I like nurses more than dentists.

companion pappy 

My pabby made me look like a color coordinated tough Hulk.  I gave mama an ornery grin when on one attempt to take away my pabby I found the OLD hospital one and took to it like long lost friends.    Misc pappy  

They’ve taken away my pabby 3 times.  Well…Papa Stout did it the first time.  Then mom & dad took it away after the dentist said “No-no!”  They only let me have it at night, but I started taking it out of my bed & I don’t think they even noticed!!! ;)  This last time daddy couldn’t find the lone surviving pabby one night when mama was gone.  He said “that’s it. we’re done with those things!”.  I couldn’t believe it!! I let  him know I was NOT happy.  I actually let them know for a couple nights that I did NOT approve.  I can’t believe they took it away from these big brown eyes…..cute pappy

So I showed them.  You’re going to take away pabby? Fine…how’s this for convience?  Thought I was too old for a pabby?  Thought it was bad for my teeth?  How abouts a blanket shoved in my mouth and drug around on the ground?!?!

8.31.11 No pacci, now blankie

Every once in a while Mama starts talking about how future orthodontic work might be cheaper than therapy for her so she gives me a pabby from her secret stash and I take a nap….but don’t tell Daddy! :)


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