Friday, September 2, 2011

Pool Fun

Now that swimming is an everyday occurance I seem to forget to take pictures and record the memories.  The kids LOVE water.  Mid summer Aidan started swimming without any floatation.  Isaac goes back and forth between floating on the shallow platform or kicking around all over with arm floaties.  Emma’s a regular fish that can hold her breath a very long time.

They especially love swimming with Daddy.  He can throw, flip & flop them all over the place. Such activity highly stresses mommy!!!

 DSC09147 DSC09149

Isaac even joined in the fun although daddy caught him before going fully under water.  He’s not a fan of that. Such throwing caused some wardrobe malfunctions for him :)


Now for the funniest photo…I didn’t even catch how funny it was when I first took it.  But when looking at the pics for the blog post it hit me…do you see it?

  Isaac peeing

Cute & funny Isaac is whizzing…even FUNNIER that Emma is looking on with her mouth OPEN in the water he’s peeing in!!!! Bwhahaha!  She’ll love this one later on in life….so will Isaac I suppose. :)


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