Thursday, October 20, 2011

Me & My 2nd Grader

It’s always fun to see how Emma and I compare.  Last years comparison looked like THIS.

I sometimes don’t see that we look alike.  When she was younger, especially about 18 months, she looked JUST like her Aunt Mandy.  Yet I hear from others they now see how she looks like her Mama.

        Me in 2nd grade.                             Emma in 2nd grade.Me             Emma

So what do you think?

Hair color SAME. 

Squinty eyes SAME.

Snaggle tooth SAME. 

The Mullet she has been spared.  I think if she still had bangs there might be more similarity.

She’s growing up way too fast.  Makes my heart sad.

The only thing missing…

is her chance to have the mic and thank the academy & her mother and father for their support. We’ve always assumed the day will come where Emma’s dramatics lead to an Academy award. For the time being her citizenship awards will have to do. :)

This one made us chuckle.  In kindergarten she earned the first girl citizenship award where they focused on Respect.  It was humorous to us b/c from her first day of Kindergarten she came home knowing more than ANYone.  We often struggled with her attitude & “respect” at home, yet she was a great student.

10.09 Kind. award 

Then came the first 9 weeks assembly at her new school in AZ.  We went to the assembly unaware she was receiving anything and unaware they even had citizenship awards each quarter.  She received the “Tigress” (girl) citizenship award the 1st & 4th quarters. She LOVED Mr. Dooen.

E & mr D

That brings us to this year.  On the way to school Wednesday she tells me “Yea.  I’ll get the Tigress award.  I always do.” (can you say humility?!?)  I think OH NO she might be in for some disappointment b/c I just assumed some other little girl would receive it. I mean what are the odds she’d get it again. I prepped her that she may not as it is very hard as a teacher to chose just one student when you have several great ones.

Then comes the assembly.  All students lined up and they step forward as their name is called.  She received honor roll.  Good deal.  The teacher names the “Tiger” (boy) citizenship award and then I look at Emma as she is raising  her foot high to take a big step forward.  Even swinging her arm up in anticipation of taking a step. 

I’m thinking oh-my-word!!! That’s kind of persumpchious!!!  Then the teacher calls her name!!! She of course has a huge smile on her face.  Unfortunately I was taming our 2 year old monkey and didn’t get a good shot and super sad didn’t get video of her antics.

Emma awards  

I later learned the teacher had told her prior to the assembly she was receiving it…so that explains the full-body step forward!! :)

Kinda worried about next year…at some point this streak might end…

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Final Swim

Things seemed to cool off a bit sooner this year so I think the boys & Matt took their last swim of the season this weekend.

Isaac suited up and ready.  My lil goober!


Well…not actually sure you’d call it a swim. More like a get in…


then climb to the top of daddy’s head escaping the cold water.


Isaac a wee bit brighter opted out of water fun.  Instead he wandered around full of wardrobe malfunctions…


water so cold it’s best to drink it…or “lick” it as Aidan said.


watering plants…


throwing one last rock in the pool…


and sunbathing!


So here’s to fewer towels to wash, less worries about sunburns and yay to playing at the park, riding bikes & cooler weather…until April or May then we’ll be so excited for the return of swimming!!

“Fall-less” Fun

With the weather below melting points we venture outside to play a bit more.  Friday at the park Emma hopped on a friends bike (sans training wheels) and took off!!!  So first thing Saturday morning she had daddy take off her training wheels.


Annnnnd she’s off!!! Isaac is Fred Flintstone-ing it as fast as he can to keep up with sissy.


Practicing turning around…


Aidan joined in the fun on his new spiderman bike.


Emma did great and never once took a fall!! For having NEVER rode anything other than his plastic big wheel bike Aidan did great too!!  By Sunday evening was peddling everywhere with minimal help!


Isaac isn’t ready for his little spiderman bike yet so he took over Aidan’s big wheel. :)

 DSC09287 DSC09288 

The cooler temps are sooooo very wonderful!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

My Tonka Boy

Isaac was NOT wanting to swim the other day.  All he wanted to do on a day that was finally under 110 degrees was play with the outside toys.  He was being silly with this Tonka truck and I snapped a pic.

Then a couple days later I was sorting pics on the computer and came across the pictures from his birth announcement.

Ugh.  My baby fills that dump truck now!

Sometimes it feels like the boys in these pictures are two different children.  Time has passed so quickly and in such a blur that I hardly remember his tiny features {as tiny as a 9 + lb baby can be}.  Feels like forever ago.  Quickly, yet forever ago.  Makes sense?

Love that little guy to pieces.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

{Jewelry Box} Re-do for 97 cents

I had this old jewelry box from when I was younger.  I hadn’t been using it, and my fashionable 7 year old has her current jewelry box stuffed full and a tangled mess.  So I thought I could repurpose it for her and her hot pink & black zebra room.

I completely forgot to take a true before photo…to anxious to get started.  So imagine this with glass in the doors with a “stained” glass pink rose in the middle. I used Walmart bags & painters tape to protect the fabric lining. Gave it a good coat on all sides with el-cheapo gloss black spray paint. DSC09260

I had planned to put zebra print paper in the doors, but didn’t have any on hand. So, I modpodged polka-dot print onto chipboard and placed it where the glass once was.


My only regret was painting the door pulls and drawer pulls the same color as the whole jewelry box.  Unfortunately there was no way to remove the door pulls and I feared the tiny screws holding in the drawer pulls would strip out if I removed them.

Items used: wal-mart sacs (free), painters tape (had on hand), gloss black spray paint (97 cents), scrap chipboard (had on hand), scrapbook paper & modpodge (had on hand).  Not bad for about a buck. :)

My little jewelry diva is happy…so that makes it worth my time & $. :)

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