Friday, July 24, 2009

36 & 37 Weeks

I had kind of forgot to update on my weekly OB appts. I went last week for my 36 week appt. (ok so really I was 35 wks 6 days) I was 1 1/2 cm dilated and the baby's heartrate was 140ish. This week was my 37 week appt (actually 36 wks 6 see how I like to round it up! :) )and I had obviously worked very hard during the week to dilate a whole 1/2 centimeter more!! Wow! Aren't you impressed!! The baby's heartrate was 150 but as the Dr. noticed and commented it was party time in the was alllll over the place!!

A bit early to discuss induction and all that final timing, but she did mention that she had scheduled a few days off when she had no one due. So, as we agreed that means everyone will go into labor then! I got notice yesterday that my Aug. 5th appt will be with a different Dr. as mine will be out of town. So, although disappointing b/c I figured that would be the day induction would be discussed (especially since I've learned they can induce at 39 weeks now for NO medical reason, just "logistics") maybe that means we'll discuss all those details at my appt on the 29th. Matt will be joining me for that appt. Then I do have one more appt on the 12th...the day before I'm due. Considering Emma was 2 days late and Aidan I think would have been about the same if I hadn't been induced on the due date...I'm thinking I'll see the appt on the 12th come and go without baby. Perhaps it'll be timely on it's due date. I do think if I opt for induction I can't go to the Birth Care center, which is where I'm leaning toward going. So we'll wait on baby & Gods timing I guess!

I'm feeling alright. Just the usual. One thing that is a bit different or maybe just worst than previous babies is the indigestion. Wow it comes on like a mad man each night regardless of my diet. I did try to enjoy a Dr. Pepper the other day and decided that is out of the question until after baby!

We're feeling more ready. Matt and I both are nesting which has resulted in new blinds in the upstairs living. We had ordered a new cabinet to hold our upstairs TV months ago and it is in for pick up tonight! Yeah! Matt is on duty so we'll spend this weekend getting that set up and cleaning carpets. He might start on the hall bath redo and slappin' a coat of paint on the downstairs bath. I hope to get the gender neutral newborn tote and Aidan's newborn tote out of the attic to start washing up some of the newborn things. I love to have tiny newborn stuff for the babies to wear right away...but wonder if this one will be small enough! I'm fully expecting a 9 1/2 pounder. Guess we also need to get the cradle down. The MIL has the boy and girl bedding for it. She wanted to try and predict and wash up only the one she is guessing it'll be, but couldn't decide so she's getting both ready. :) My neighbor/daycare parent tried the string and needle test on me to determine the baby's gender. She informed me the next day somethingwent wrong b/c the needle swung the boy direction on Emma, girl on Aidan, so she doesn't know what to make of what it said for this baby! :) Leave it to my kids to mess up that test! She wants to redo with a ring on a string. It did say we'd only have 3 kids so I'm not sure what that means on Matt's ideas of adoption?? I will admit the not knowing gender has gotten harder the closer it gets to being here. Weird. I would have thought it would get easier b/c it's about to be revealed. But it's super hard to feel totally prepared.
Names. Don't ask. Don't even get me started. One week and 2 days ago (who's counting?!?) I asked Matt his top 2 girl names off our list and he said "Can we go one day with out talking about this!?!) So, I've left him alone, but it's nearly killing me! Makes me lean toward the name issue being another good reason for it to be a boy in addition to the close in age to Aidan, they can share a room, etc. If it's a girl we'll be doing some quick decision making!!

That's about it on the baby front. Emma is pretty excited and still telling everyone she wants a sister. She's informed me that I should take "Alli" the diet medication to help make my tummy smaller after baby. I love her. She survived her 4 shots for Kindergarten. We have a backpack full of supplies and her lunch gear. She's gotten several new outfits to sport as well.

Aidan is a...dancing maniac as I type this. He's a busy boy. Has some days that are GREAT telling mommy he has to potty and then totally peeing everywhere the next. We are not where I had hoped to be on that. Oh, well. He was totally precious in the maternity photo shoot we had done on July 12th. Kissin' my belly!! Ahhh! (I'll try to get some of those photos up soon!)

That's about it on the Stout Sprout front. I'm getting an email group set up to email out news as it comes, along with FB and right here in my little blogging world that is read by 10's of people each day!! Hahaha!

More to come as things develop....


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