Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blah, Blah, Ugh, Grouch, Complain...

...really this is just a download of "junk" that is on my mind that needs released. Some of it nice other bits maybe not so nice, but have you ever felt just overwhelmed and attacked by a constant stream of issues. Not huge, life altering or even life threatening. I should somehow process all of this in a "God won't give you more than you can handle" I am healthy, my family is healthy and just count my blessings...but really right now I just need to read on if you wish or stop now b/c I'll admit now this is probably more for me than info you want or need to hear! :)

- This fence issue. It just won't die. The swingset was in place by mid May and on Aidan's bday is when post holes were dug. Let the neighbor drama begin there. Sparing most the details that some of you have heard about over the last few months I'll summarize by saying it's been NONstop and it's now almost AUGUST! One minute we think we have things worked out with her and the next she's thought on things a day or so and changed her mind/get's all worked up again. Part of me tonight wanted to contact her and say. We see you got a survey. We see that the fence needs some moving...we'll get right on that. *in a calm cheery voice* The other part of me wants to say things like "quit getting your depend in a bunch"or "use your walker to go back in your house and we'll see you in another 5 years". Take a minute to discuss issues with us like adults instead of calling us "malicious" and playing the "poor elderly woman being taken advantage of" card. We've NEVER once refused to move the fence. But aren't going to move it b/c she's threatening us. We simply wanted to make sure it really is in the wrong location before going to all that work. We wanted to make sure if we had to move it that we have our ducks in a row this time to make sure it's placed where you are happy. We had no idea that it seems our house was built weird on our lot. We had no idea that basically following the "grasslines" of mowing from the last 8 years when placing the fence WASN'T going to be a safe assumption. We had no idea that for 5 years we've been mowing a fairly large portion of your yard. And you certainly didn't seem to mind that for those 5 years we've mowed, treated, watered and overall pampered that significant section of grass. Oh, no. It only becomes an issue when we put up a fence for the safety of our children and thus you can't "see the children play anymore". Which is kinda a creepy thing anyway. Part of me wishes we could make it taller than 6 ft. Part of me wants to bring the fence to the front corner of our house instead of the back. We had planned to, but then felt it put too much of our fence in YOUR front yard thus obstructing your view. Why yes, we do attempt to be thoughtful to our neighbors...unlike you think. I wish after Matt talked with her tonight and they determined a "deadline" to get it moved I could feel at peace, but I don't. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior (thanks Phil) and the past record has been you agree to something and then sit in your house staring out the back window doing crosswords and get all worked up again. You start calling every agency or business that gets stuck listening to how mean your neighbors are.
All I can say on this is that we never meant to place our fence in the wrong location...why would we??? So Matt can spend a precious weekend before this baby comes digging it up? So we could spend more $$ on a project that is NEVER ENDING!!?? We ARE the kind of people, I think, that will do anything for about anyone...she's been our neighbor for 5 years w/out issue until now??!! We're the type that would shovel her drive from snow, assist her in anyway all for her 1st contact with us in 5 years to be accusing Matt of lying about his name, driving heavy equipment in her yard, turning us in to the HOA, City, county, threatened the police and an attorney. So, I do expect with in the week to be delivered paperwork either taking us to court or from an attorney demanding payment for the survey and God knows what else. She did tell Matt tonight that she really wanted it resolved quickly b/c it's interfering with her running her sprinkler system. We've seen it run twice in 5 years. Both times within the last 4-6 weeks and it's been once to prove to us that 2 heads were on our side and once during the week it was 100 plus degrees out. 5 years. Her sodded yard that she's let turn to weeds...last summer her yard would reach over a foot before it would get mowed. We never complained to her, turned her in or NOthing!! We never turned her in for living there for 5 years without planting the proper number of shrubs our HOA outlines as policy. She must be unaware of the policy...yet soooo aware of others?!?!?! I'm so shocked and saddened to see that we are actually dealing with a deceitful old woman instead of dementia old woman we initially thought. Maybe there's a reason her grandson called her a hag to us and we seldom see her have visitors...ever....hummmm..... Let's pray it's over after tonights conversation. Hope the calls to the city, HOA, the neighbor, to Matt at work, etc can now end to make my days much easier.

- Little thing yet just inconvenient. Take Emma's down comforter to the new cleaners near our house. Trying to support a new business in town. All for it to be a month long fight to get OUR comforter back. It took 4 trips to the store and countless phone calls and rounds of phone tag to get the correct comforter back. All to get it back with no "sorry" or discounted rate??!! I know due to Matt's job I expect good customer service...maybe tooo good, but come on! Major, but it wasted time on the phone and going back and forth to get it resolved...just annoyoing.

- More phonetag games with the Health Insurance company regarding the Hospital change. Seriously, why doesn't the employer send a list to all employees of this division a list stating main hospitals and care centers that are considered "covered" in this area?? They give an internet site, which I found is not accurate. They give phone numbers, yet read a disclaimer that basically says "you can't quote me that what I tell you is right" "what I tell you doesn't guarantee coverage". What??? Who CAN tell me then??? So, I guess instead of the employers/insurance company issuing a document each year at renewal that clearly states where you go for coverage they want EACH and EVERY employee to call them and ask??? or simply go to the wrong hospital and then have to fight to get their care covered. UGH! Maybe this will all be fixed by Obama's healthcare plan! HA!

- Can you see the pattern that I ESPECIALLY hate dealing with change, conflict and issues on the phone!!?? It makes it soo much more frustrating for me! AND I must have an issue with feeling my time right now is precious and flying by... :)

-I'm just at that point. The point where I'm feeling ready for the baby, yet still have huge surges of whoa!! NOT READY! I got a notice in the mail yesterday that my Dr. will be gone for my Aug. 5th appt. So there goes the hope that she could induce a week early if she wanted....she won't even be in town!! Through conversation with her it appears she has a ton of women due the same week as me.

-MOPS planning has begun. I am super excited b/c I have an awesome group of gals that I'm working with. Their dedication and excitement encourage me to keep going with it. They are super awesome Christian sistas!!! But I do hope I can balance the start of MOPS with new baby and even a shred of sanity...

-Daycare. The days are getting longer. Summer is so unpredictable with schedules and we're basically stuck as I've not done any transporting. Makes the days a bit longer, but I couldn't dream of having the energy to GO anyway. I have to take breathers pretty frequently just doing daily activities!! With so many little girls this summer the volume level is just amazingly high and so can the drama....unbelievable right? ;)

-Parenting. Not sure if things have been rougher with Emma or it's just my attitude (which with all stated above that could easily be the case). It just seems like constant issues that, irregardless of my consistency, are on going. Sassy, raising her voice and sneaky-compulsive-self control. I think the raising of voice is partially for Matt & I to take blame on b/c due to all the above mentioned issues we're a bit short with the kiddos at times. I know....we're bad....SRS is on their way. But with my personality I can't just leave it like that. I have to further analyze WHEN did we go so wrong. Emma was such a good infant/toddler. She definitely shows massive signs of being strong willed...but I'm not willing to let her hide behind that "label". So, when was it. Did we do something when Aidan was born and was such a mess that effected her? If so does that mean we're about to enter the same thing with Aidan. Great.

Well if you actually made it though all of this congrats. You deserve and award for reading though the blabbing and being enough of a friend to me to even care. :)

To hope and pray all this is out and over there are a few things to be excited about in the coming days/weeks...
We are despite the above mess getting some exciting things done around to to prepare for baby. My MIL and I went shopping on Sunday and got a couple things that make me feel more prepared for baby (pjs for me, baby book, a little girl outfit ;), nipples, and a couple outfits for Emma for school).
We get our new cabinet for the upstairs today that will hold the tv at a higher level and out of reach of little hands. It'll also hold a bunch of toys in baskets. Matt will be cleaning the carpets in the coming week.
I enroll Emma in Kind. next Wed. I'm sure there will be a coming blog about that experience!
Next Friday night I'll have a hang out night with some of my bestest girls!! A bit of a shower I suppose...even thought it's my 3rd and we don' t know what it is!!! :) It'll be fun! I have some of th best girlfriends!
I have one more week solo before my cousin Diane comes to stay for a week. I'm super excited to have her here...just REALLY wish it could be when the baby comes, but who knows...that's up to the baby! She'll be able to help when I go to one of my last OB appts and I think I might have a haircut that week. Gotta look good for labor!! I'm sure Matt would love to dump her with the kids to go "out" probably to a movie. He was dying to watch the new Potter while still in the balcony theater. Well the last showing was last night at's a 2 1/2 hour movie. He seriously asked me if we could go?? Anyways Diane's help will be great!

That's enough rambling from me. Again congrats, you deserve an award for making it though this and being a dedicated blog reader! :)


thepartridgefamily said...

Wow girl, nothing but problems, problems, problems. I hope they go away or working themselves out soon which some already have. You are very patient even if you don't feel like it.

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