Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dancing Girl

Derby High Pantherettes host a fundraising Dance Clinic for little girls.  Sounded right up Emma's alley!!  Here's dance friends & a shot of them practicing before the football game.

 Below you'll see why I struggled getting a decent photo of Emma during the performance. .:note yellow arrow:.  For some reason parents decided to belly up to the wall to take up close nostril shots thus defeating the purpose of the instructors having the shortest girls in front to be seen. Do you know the woman the yellow arrow is pointing to? If so I have some great shots of her head & backside you are welcome to! :)  Emma did a great job especially considering they only learned/practiced it for 3 hours the Saturday before!!  She's definatly more talented than her mommy in that area!

So, what's a brother to do while sissy is dancing?  Aidan found great joy hangin' from the bleacher railing & Isaac was snuggled up in his Sleepywrap keeping warm on the cool fall evening.

Not sure who won the football game, but Matt enjoyed watching it dreaming of when his boys would play together as Senior/Soph Stout football duo! :)


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