Monday, September 14, 2009

Push Present

Look what arrived in the mail!! Don't you L-O-V-E this necklace???!!! I do!  It was an unexpected gift from Matt..unexpected as in he didn't know he got it for me! :) This necklace is what I'm considering my "push present".   What's a push present you might ask? (I actually didn't learn of it until after I had had Emma- where most of my labor pushing occured) Push present explained: Us women push, push, PUSH (aka endure hours of excrutating pain) and our reward- besides the precious child GOD gave us- is the push present from our hubby.  So, let's reflect for a moment on all we endure to receive such a fine gift...

-Pain. Pregnancy pain. Exam pain. Pain from needles. Labor/birth pain. Simply P-A-I-N!
-Needles...short ones for basic lab that make one nervous and then oh so long one jabbed in the spine that is anxiously anticipated and often times begged for!
-Mesh Undies... *sarcasim begins here* they're soooo wonderful! Breathable, stretchy, one size fits all...when will Victoria start sellin' those!
-Mega Large Pads...sorry boys, but I speak the truth.  These bad boys could double as a mattress!
-Swollen legs, feet, and unmentionables.  Not everyone gets the latter, but some, like me are just that fortunate!
-Indigestion...did you even know it's possible to have indigestion from water!!!???
-Sleepless nights...nights of dreaming and wondering about that new little one to come transitions to lack of sleep from discomfort (such as baby dancing the Irish jig on the mattress or doing a tap dance on the bladder) then the baby comes and sleep becomes something you daydream about and a memory of the past you hold near and dear to your heart.
-Modesty exits as everyone enters...Hello! You're the hospital custodian?  Welcome to the birth of my child.  Nice to meet you Suzie, the cafeteria worker!  Come on in.  Everyone's apparently welcome!
-Excess skin...I guess we can't expect our bellies to expand like a beach ball and then snap back to that six pack we previously had.  Oh, wait.  I never had one of those to begin with!
-Speaking of belly.  What happened to my belly button?? It's what I call the Belly Button Makeover Baby Edition.  First it's "normal", then it becomes an outtie or flat out...well flat. Baby exits and the depth of the bellybutton is as deep and dark as the sea. Then there's the baby's button...ewe! 
-Blood Pressure, bleeding and other complications.  I expected my blood pressure to rise in the teen years, but already! 
-TMI here- Wearing a pregnancy crotch girdle for my varicosities/hernia...through the HOT  summer months I might add!
-Assistance with the most basic of tasks such as bathing.  Matt has proven his abilities to care for me in my elderly years. He's very caring and of great assistance to me following each labor/birth. Again, modesty has left the building.
-Using the "Personal Cleansing" bottle I call the "Gift from Heaven".  Oh yes, the baby is sweet, but this bottle is your best friend! Probably the cheapest medical "tool" you'll come into contact with during your hospital stay. OK, probably not as cheap as those mesh undies.

The sweet smellin' baby burrito, soft dimpled hands,  wrinkly feet, round belly, kissable cheeks, precious little lips that will someday say "Mama" (I KNOW they usually say Dada first, but don't ruin my moment here!) are all gift enough! But my necklace shares with the world my 3 precious "pushes". 

I thank God for the perfect baby blessings He has given me.  I'm blessed to have Matt's support and help throughout each delivery.  Thanks again honey for the push present! It's just what I wanted! ;)

**In case you're wondering I ordered the necklace online from Moonlight Doodles at  Clich here.  It's called the small family circle necklace.  I'm very pleased with it..kinda wish the necklace was a bit shorter, but that's just me.  It even came gift wrapped (Matt was so thoughtful to have planned that! Ha!!) in a pretty box complete with bow!


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