Friday, September 11, 2009

Things I Learned Today...

I learned that men simply think different. Now I didn't call them "simple" thinkers...just that they think differently. After a meltdown this AM due to constant screaming by the newborn and then the 2 year old to follow suit I was on the ledge. I text Matt at 12:15 and it goes like this:
Me: Call me if/when you get a chance.
Matt: Everything ok or do I need to leave lunch to call
Me: Finish your lunch...
Matt: Ok. Love you.

Well that's how it went down, but THIS is what I "remember"-
Me: Call me instantly I'm having a meltdown and I need you to talk me off the ledge!
Matt: Is this important enough for me to pause my peaceful, fulfilling, sit down restaurant, adult lunch I'm enjoying?
Me: Sure finish your lunch!! I HAVEN'T even had breakfast yet b/c YOUR son keeps screaming his face off. I'm certain he needs to go to the Dr., but I don't need the Dr. adding to my bad day by giving me the "You're here b/c your baby is crying LOOK". It's 12:15 and I nor Aidan have even had lunch yet...but I'm sure the nutritious sugar laden gem donuts he ate for breakfast is tiding him over!!! Enjoy your lunch, take your sweet time and call me once you're nice and full that way you can perhaps concentrate on my important matter!!
Matt: Thanks for understanding the importance of me eating honey. I love you because you're so understanding of a nice meal time filled with adult conversation.
Me: UGH! #$#W&%$*E%$*^*&(&^%$#@
*DISCLAIMER*- I love Matt dearly and he's been very thoughtful and helpful throughout this last month that I've been super worthless. He totally would have left lunch and called me if I had asked him to, but I know that he was out with the office staff as he does each Friday following staff meeting at work. :)

I learned (*Warning...gross) that a sneezed our french fry looks a lot like hashbrowns thrown all over the place. How do you achieve learning this life lesson? First, start with a 2 year old with allergies and FORGET to give them their allergy medicine. Next, fast forward to lunch. Feed him a corn dog and fries. Now have him chew a fry but do NOT let him swallow. This is where the sneeze comes in. Have him Sneeze withOUT covering the mouth. Wow. How do you begin to clean up ABC (AlreadyBeenChewed) fries? Let me tell you!!! First don't bother starting the cleaning up until after the 6th and FINAL sneeze (trust me...I tried cleaning after the 1st, then the 2nd, the 3rd & 4th were back to back as were #5 & 6..much easier to wait until after the storm to clean up rather than during!) and then simply vacuum.

I learned that if anything, anything medical is going to happen to our fam it will be on a Friday very near noon when all offices and Dr.s are no longer in the office. I also learned that the fear of looking like an idiot parent will scare me from actually going into the Dr. Isaac was super fussy Wed. and today, but with him being my 3rd I feel I should know what to do in all situations and don't want to be given that "look" of Ha! She's here because her baby is crying. No fever. No cough. No blood. No vomiting. Crying!!! Hehehe...babies cry lady! Ok...maybe they don't really think those things...but deep in their eyes I can see/hear it!

I've learned my children can share ONE thing with regularity and without fighting. What is that you ask? It's called their "scream time". Earlier this week jumping out of a moving vehicle seem like a doable option as opposed to listening to them take turns fussing, screaming, whining, or any other annoying sound. Some might say "Well at least it's not all at once." Oh NO! I beg to differ! I'd rather it all be at once. At some point they'll stop to breathe even if just for a moment and there for that brief second there would be silence!! They've got scream time sharing on to toys, books, TV, etc, etc, etc

I learned one large difference between my girl and my boy.
Girl- 20 minute screaming fit over whether to wear her flip flops or tennis shoes to Gma's b/c she knew there might be dew on the ground and her feet might get wet in flip flops, but she wasn't sure about tennis shoes b/c her feet can get hot.
Boy- Stomped and splashed in water crocs, repeatedly. Even a puddle that had gravel bits, dirt and God know what. As a matter of fact he drove his little toy fire truck IN the puddle and then *LICKED* it clean. And yes that is the precious little mouth I kiss goodnight (after a bath and good brushing of the teeth of course!)

I learned God did watch out for me today to narrowly avoid a Tbone crash! Whew! So happy the boys weren't screaming in the car like usual, thus my eyes were very much on the road to see the man running the red light! Thank you God! Looks like he wants me to stick around and learn some more...


shondak said...

Love love love the two sides of the text conversation you had with Matt... EXACTLY right!! Ha! Will never forget the french fry sneezes... if staff meetings ever get dull in that room... I will have something to bring a smile to my face (only because I didn't get directly sneezed on!) :) Thanks for sharing all that you "learned" I learn so much from you my friend! Glad that God IS keeping you around for awhile...

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