Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hello? Can You Hear Me?

Are you still there?  Have you given up on me?  Wow the Holidays just zapped right by and zapped me!  I realized today that I need to get back to my bloggin’ as yesterday was Isaac’s 5 month “bday” and I didn’t remember until this AM!!!!!

What kind of mother am I? So today I’m depressing my way through the day since I didn’t get to yesterday about how my baby is getting big (18.5 lbs to be exact)!

So, I’ll gradually catch up my life here on this lil’ blog I use to log my memories before I forget…you know.  Like forgetting that Isaac was born on the 12th and NOT THE 15th!!!

So I’ll start updating with Isaac’s never posted 4 month entry continuing on in sequential fashion because that’s how I obsess roll in my less than orderly but always striving life…


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