Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Teacher Gifts for 2!

Emma has 2 Kindergarten teachers that job share so that made it a bit more interesting when coming up with a teacher Christmas gift.  I kinda had a $$ in mind to spend on a teacher gift, but x2 was a bit much.  So I tapped my creative resources.  Last year I made some of these jewelry pouches that are great for travel or sorting and organizing your jewelry.  I JUST so happened to have 2 left over from last year.  To go along with the bag I went to my local jewelry/beading gal on her open beading night and made a pair of silver earrings for each teacher to put in the bag.  No gift is complete without chocolate!!  Among my holiday baking were several different kinds of truffles.  I packaged up a few of each for the teachers.  Oreo, Cookie dough, Peanut butter & Peppermint Fudge Brownie truffles to be exact! Yum! Here are the results…

teacher gift  teacher gift 2 trufflesteacher gifts 3  

Hope they enjoyed them.  I remember as a teacher I receiving soooo many apple/teacher nick nacks, candles or lotion in a wide array of scents…appreciated, but over done.  I hope to continue the jewelry  theme for end of the year gifts if my plan works…


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