Monday, January 18, 2010

It’s a Six Year Old Sleepover!

I could go on and on about the depression I went through that Emma was “over” having Princess Birthdays.  She fell in love with Cinderella a week before her 2nd birthday…to late to change her party from Elmo to Cinderella.  So, her third bday was Cinderella and it was then that she planned the rest of her birthdays.  4th Snow White, 5th Belle, 6th SUPPOSED to be Ariel, 7th Sleeping Beauty, 8th Jasmine….  The one I was most excited about was supposed to be this year I might add. 

How could she, the daughter of a planner, CHANGE her mind? Didn’t she know that I had a scrapbook page planned that would show all the different princesses she was throughout the years?  Really? Scrapbook dream killer!!!

About the time therapy helped me recover from the princess past she decided to be a cheerleader for Halloween and that meant a cheerleading birthday. (She always dressed for Halloween what she wanted her bday to be…my precious resourceful girl!)  I had come up with some decent ideas for a cheering party, but then she started speaking of  a sleep over.  I was hesitant at first, but gave in.  She was allowed to invite 3 girls and I then surprised her with bringing her cousin Madison.

There was a bit of girl drama as I expected, but fun was had painting toenails, playing games, watching movie, eating pizza and making a sleepover pillowcase craft.

We were pleased with how the craft turned out.  Here’s how we did it.

Sleep Over Pillowcase:

You need: iron on transfer paper, light colored pillow cases (NOT washed), paint pens, cardboard to put in pillow case while using paints, iron AND photo editing software.


We took the above picture of the girls in their jammies in a sea of sleeping bags.  I uploaded the picture to my fav photo editing site ( where I added text and then mirror image (or horizontally flip) the photo.  Once edited print on transfer paper following the directions included in the packet of transfer paper.

Iron photo on the pillowcase following the instructions.  The instructions I followed had me dry iron the picture on the pillowcase that had NOT been washed yet. 


We then used paint pens to have the girls “autograph” the pillow case.

The resulting pillow case is machine washable, but it was recommended to not use fabric softener or allow wet pillow case to sit too long in the washer.  Time will tell the durability, but they certainly were cute!!

The sleep over was a success.  All the girls made it through the night and we made it to early service church will all of them!!! Impressive!!!!


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