Friday, January 22, 2010

5 Months

Ok so I’m only about a week late getting this up.  Because I like to point out how scatter brained I am I have to admit that the 12th came and went without me realizing he had turned 5 months.  I had the 15th (Aidan’s birth date) in my head.  So, on the 13th it hit me so I spent that day in mourning that yet another month had passed.  Good news I think I’m “caught up” on my blogging!!

Isaac 5 months 2

Here’s an extra shot (that didn’t turn out well…grr…not liking my camera!) but I couldn’t resist sharing those eyes and that smile!!  I’m pretty sure those eyes are SCREAMING I love my mama!

5 months

.: Stats- 18lbs 5 oz., ?? in.

.: What You’re Wearing- fitting very well into 6-9 month clothing.  12 month is right around the corner.  They only thing too big are sleeves.  They are sooo long on your little arms!

.: Firsts- Rolling everywhere & never staying on the blanket I put you on, laughing now especially if I “eat” your ribs, feet are great entertainment, first Christmas & New Years, very good at putting things in your mouth, first time getting blood drawn- hard for mama to watch!

.: From Head To Toe- not much changing except you’re just getting bigger over all and probably need your little rat tail trimmed in the back.  Has had runny nose since Thanksgiving in the middle of our 3rd antibiotic with no luck on getting it stopped- bad cough now too. They did allergy testing for foods &environmental allergens, but the testing showed no allergies.

.: Loves- Sissy, tummy time, chewing on blankets, burps & bibs, being rocked, the mobile we put on your bed that plays music and has lights,

.: Dislikes- want nothing to do with sitting- bumbo chair, swing & car seat

.: Eating- 6 oz every 4 hours.  tried cereal- did NOT like it plus you started having a never ending runny nose so I stopped & they checked you for allergies.  No allergies so tried cereal again.  Will tolerate it in the bottle, but not so sure about the spoon. I haven’t been giving it much b/c I think it makes you fussier.

.: Sleeping- up around 1 am & 4ish…but right back to sleep after you eat.

.: Misc Facts-

You’ve become a very content baby.  At our annual holiday bake day you were so happy the whole day.  You love to watch all the action around you!

I suppose you enjoyed you 1st Christmas & 1st blizzard! I know brother & sister had fun opening your presents!

On New Years mommy & daddy had a party with daddy’s work people so Katherine & Julianna came to watch all 3 of you kids.  Katherine is kinda your buddy!

You’re so happy & content at the church nursery…everyone says how cute & sweet you are! You do have this very “sweet, innocent, everyone loves me” look about you!

You light up when Emma comes near! She can jiggle you to make you laugh or sometimes do nothing at all!


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