Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Day

Mother’s day that is.  My one goal this year was to get pictures- I’m only talking snapshots here- of me with my kids.  I had been reviewing pictures to submit for a slideshow at church the week prior and realized I have like NO pictures of me and my kids, my mom or MIL with my kids!!?!?!?  Tons of daddy & grandpa pics!  Time for the men to get behind the cameras!! :)

Well I failed at that one mission.  It was a mad dash to get out the door to church for baby dedication…our church does it each year on Mother’s Day.  This year was Isaac’s turn.  Went to lunch after church and the kids were undressing and changing before it occurred to me we had not taken pictures!!! GRR!

The MIL and I headed to Newton Outlet.  She had something to exchange and I’m always up to a Carter’s shopping trip.  I got outfits for the boy’s 9 month & 3 year pics we’ll have next week.  Got a nightgown for Emma b/c that’s all they have in her size :(  I love Carters…hate that most of the options for her size are “mini” teenage looks.

I was surprised with these from the kids…DSC03744

Hope everyone had a very Happy Mother’s day where you took a moment to appreciate the mother’s in your life and those little blessings that call us mommy!


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