Tuesday, August 24, 2010

House Tour. Meet Hot Pink Zebra Girl.

Not sure when it started.  She turned 2, loved all things princess, and now she’s 16. I can prove it.  Go ahead.  Search for zebra bedding online.  You’ll find it.  Under the “tween” or “teen” category.  Search for a 6 year old and you’ll find butterflies, flowers, princess, hearts, etc.  Where did my baby go?

I think shortly after the decision was made to move I first heard the “I want hot pink & zebra room”.  She wanted zebra stripes on the wall. Um-no. We convinced her it was impossible just in time to go to my Cousins house for her HS graduation party.  Her room…you guessed it.  Hot pink, zebra…actually a hot pink wall with black zebra stripes.  Grrreat. Too bad Uncle Steve, THE zebra painter, lives in Kansas!! :)

Here’s her chalkboard door sign. *She has since changed the wording on it to read “Emma’s Room No Boys Alod”*

Emmas Zebra (15) 

Shot straight in the room and only non-colored wall. Desk, zebraie window & end of bed.

Emmas Zebra

Picture collage I found on scratch & dent clearance at Hobby Lobby.  A lil’ hotpink paint and zebra ribbon, of course.  The people in the pictures are nice and all, but will be replaced as soon as Shutterfly gets me my pics I ordered!!

 Emmas Zebra (2)

And now for one of my most daring decorating moments….the wall color….the black wall! Whew! It was scary, but I looove it!  I highly recommend Lowes HD paint. (Cracked Pepper – Black to be exact)  It only needed one coat!! Wow! Great job painting Marcia!

Her bed & new name letters. (The bed Matt made 3 years ago.  My mom put a new coat of paint on it. Hot pink sheets we had from her room before!!)

Emmas Zebra (4)

Zebra velvety body pillow cover from Target and sparkly peace sign pillow from Big Lots!!

Emmas Zebra (3)

My fav piece!! My $20 Craigslist desk!!  A good sanding thanks to Mimi and new coat of white paint made it look great!  I found the black and hot pink baskets at Target.  They hold all her artsy gear.  Mimi found the pink and black striped fabric and made a seat cushion.  The chair we had in our garage and my slave painters repainted it. Zebra pull from Aunt Marcia and photo board from Hobby Lobby!  (1/2 price of course)

Emmas Zebra (5) Emmas Zebra (6)

Love the new name letters. (again HL 1/2 price :) ) And a peek at the hot pink wall…

Emmas Zebra (7)

A few accessories.  Daisies I had, but needed a “vase”.  Found this thin wooden container w/ lid for $2.  Painted it black and the lid pink. (however I put the lid on the bottom) and tied some zebra ribbon around it.  Cute hot pink pic frames & a custom peace sign painted canvas that Mimi & Emma did together. Anything involving paint, glitter, glue and ribbon and Emma is game!

Emmas Zebra (8)

Standing by bed…desk & closet door on one of pink walls.

Emmas Zebra (9)

Other corner.  Walk-in closet/play room & dressing mirror.

Emmas Zebra (10) 

I was excited for the storage of walk in closets.  I had no idea how much they would love playing in them!  The wall mirror with hooks is for her to pick out her outfit for the next day.  My MIL found this idea in a magazine.  The idea also used a grocery bag holder/dispenser thing to hold underwear.  How clever!! I’ve yet to find one…well I have, but it’s a IKEA…almost 2 hours away and Matt has banned me from organizing/container stores. :)) (mirror from Walmart- hot pink- with zebra ribbon glued around it, hooks are command adhesive hooks)

Emmas Zebra (11) Emmas Zebra (12)

A shot toward her dresser on the other hot pink wall.  The dresser was another refinishing project by Mimi.  I believed it belonged to my grand parents.  Mom refinished it for Emma’s princess room in KS.

Emmas Zebra (13)

Zebra lamp on the dresser from Aunt Marcia. We added the bling, bling beaded trim. :)

 Emmas Zebra (14)

Wellp that’s about it.  Finally a room that I can say is complete!! Yippie!  Still deciding on the boys room theme. Now on to the next room…hmm.  Not sure which room that will be.  Maybe our room…


AnnaBanana said...

This is an AWESOME bedroom!!!

Anonymous said...

My 8 year-old daughter has graduated from the "Princess" theme. She's now ready for the "Hot pink & zebra" theme. Thanks for the ideas!!

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