Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Home schooling sounding better and better.

Ok so no curriculum ordered, but yet another conversation with Emma tonight (and the INSANITY that is the circle drive) keeps making the idea cross my mind.

We are leaving our house heading into town.  It was about 5:30.  In an attempt to keep Aidan awake I was talking to him trying to get him to look around.

Me: Ah, kids look at the sun.  It is so colorful going down behind the mountains.

Emma: (insert tone of “mom do you know ANYthing?!”) Maaaamaaaa the sun is NOT doing down. The sun doesn’t go DOWN we are turning away from the sun. The earth spins and we are now on the side of the earth away from the sun.

Me: Oooooh K.

She then rambles on about how the earth spins around once each day, but goes around the sun once a year. She is obviously paying attention during Science.

Perhaps too much attention. She then says:

“Hey mom did you know that million of years ago there was a big rock that traveled through space and all of a sudden it……(about this time my mind actually blacks out cause I’m all “She is NOT about to explain the Big Bang Theory is she?”.)

I come back to as she is saying “there was an explosion and all the pieces came together because of gravity….(insert more blackout memory loss)….formed the earth and other pieces became the moon….

I honestly can’t recall all the detail she shared as I was frantically trying to figure out what my response would be. I started with “Oh.  Where did you learn that? Do you know another story we’ve read that talks about how the earth, moon & stars were created?”

Her: Blank stare. Me: allllll (silently) whhhhhhhat?!?!?! really Emma?????

I add “you know like who created all the animals on the earth.  Fish in the sea…animals on the land…” By this time Aidan is so excited talking about space & some how rockets came into discussion that it was hard for Emma to hear me from the far back with noise of brothers.

When we stop at our destination she says “oh, God.” YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS Emma. God.  THE creator. Whew. Me+parenting=epic.fail. I explained that some people believe it happened as an explosion, but Daddy & I and many others believe what the Bible tells us.

I explain that I believe something as detailed, calculable, and intricately DESIGNED as our solar system must have had a DESIGNER. A magnificent designer.  An all knowing unexplainable DESIGNER. We don’t have all the answers.  We don’t have allll the details to fully explain it.  But a god you can fully explain is a god you have created.

I asked her what she thought.  A. Rocks collide and all of a sudden we have planets, moons & starts that rotate & spin in intricate patterns OR B. that each detail was planned and spoken into existence told in the Bible. We discussed how we believe the Christmas story and don’t pick and choose what parts of the Bible to believe.  We take the whole thing as the truth from Genesis to Revelations. Every.last.word.

So tonight when she handed me her bible before going to bed I knew exactly what story we would read! :)

Never expected this in 1st grade. And actually didn’t expect it from her teacher.  We had our differences in the beginning, but he threw me a JESUS bone in conferences which mistakenly put me to ease.  On guard Christian soldiers.  On guard.



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