Thursday, December 16, 2010

Polar Express- Day 2

Williams AZ looked like a cute little town the night of our train ride, so we decided to go back Monday  morning and look around.  There were WAY less people.  We practically had the place to ourselves.


This old steam engine was HUGE!  Aidan couldn’t get enough of the trains.


The courtyard of the depot was decked decorated with a little village full of lights.  Emma & Aidan standing by a wheel of a steam engine.  It’s HUGE!


Here’s a shot of our train in the daylight.  The crew was cleaning the windows on the other side of the train.  There were a lot of little window lickers & sticky chocolate fingers the night before. :)  This was one lil’ window licker who is all smiles cause he knows he kept his mommy up ALL night long and now he can rest in the car ride home!


Flagstaff & Williams is beautiful.  Very similar in view to Colorado.  It was hard for Emma to understand we were still in AZ.  She kept asking “are we back in Az yet?”.  Both towns have quaint little main streets and lots of mom & pop local restaurants that looked very interesting.  Either town would be a great destination for a couple –sans children- to visit and stroll around.


The further you go south on I-17 the snow covered mountains turn to lower mountains or even red rock cliffs of Sedona.  The evergreen trees thin out to green bushes.


Then the cacti appear.  More and more the closer to Phoenix.


THIS was perhaps the most interesting sight on the way back “down”.  Matt passed them and I made him slow back down so I could get a pic!! :)  I can’t imagine hunting something THAT huge!!!  You could see the pride all over the drivers face!!  Ask Emma sometime about seeing this.  She makes a great impression of the elk!!



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