Friday, December 10, 2010

Thanksgiving Trip HOME

We flew in the Tuesday before Turkey day.  Met by Gma & Papa so we could borrow their caddy as our wheels…better than any rental we would have got!! :)  Upon landing we met our friends the Koosers for lunch at Pei Wei.  It was a total surprise to Shonda as she thought she was meeting Ken for lunch!! Hehehe! Yummy food and finally a good hug & visit with my friend!

A quick stop to Wal-mart for me to get a memory stick for my camera.  Left it at home!! ugh!  (Thus no pics of our flight) Off to Melvern we went.  That night met some of the Burnetts & friends the Partridge family (haha) at Buzzards. YUMMO grub!

Matt played video games & here’s Aidan with my cousin Asher. Hopefully Aidan didn’t pick up any of Asher’s ornery antics! :)


I would give thanks any time I get me some Randy Gales Cake! Yum!!  Isaac & Weston manned the end of one table.  Cute boys!


Wednesday night we gathered at Marcia’s for dinner.  We had a mexican feast followed by oreo balls & strawberry trash. MORE yummy food!!  Isaac loved the messy oreo balls & we all loved seeing my brother’s g/f Beth!! So great to see her now that they’re “officially” dating. ;)

Adam & Beth     DSC06225

Thanksgiving day we all gathered with the Brennan crew at Adam’s house.  Lots of fam & fun. 

Isaac & Beth.          Aidan’s favorite was the cauliflower & broccoli :)

DSC06235 DSC06237

The kids table. Emma, Aidan,  Dallen & Madison.  That kid table has seen a lot of kids throughout the years!! :) Papa & Great Papa fell victim to the sleepy agent in the turkey :)

DSC06241 DSC06252

Aunt Lisa & cousin Megan.                      “Bef” & Diane

DSC06253 DSC06254

For the first time in we tried to get a pic of me with my sibs.  It was worse than trying to get a pic with 2 yr olds hyped on sugar. Marcia on the left, our older.wiser.handsome brother Adam in the middle and the older.wiser.beautiful sister on the right (ME! haha!).


Many, many hours of Rock Band.  I played for the first time…just the base drum part as Adam played the sticks! :)  Me and Diane in our annual pic together!

DSC06265  DSC06306

Isaac & Great Papa.


Friday we departed the Burnetts to head south to the Stouts.  We arrived Friday afternoon.  Much to the surprise & delight of the kids their cousins Alex & Dylan were there!  I thought Emma was going to pee her pants she was so happy to see her buddy Dylan! Friday night we went to Winfield to eat some Goo.!  You wouldn’t think we were short on good mexican food out here in AZ!

After dinner we drive through Isle of Lights at Winfleld Park, stopped by and got a hug from my friend Kristina headed back to Atlanta to get kids ready for bed b/c we made plans with Chris & Mandy to see the 10 pm showing of the new HP movie.  It was great to celebrate their 11 year anniversary with them!! I miss the time we used to spend with them in our B.K. (before kids) years. :)

Saturday AM Libby came over to join us to decorate sugar cookies.  A lot of sprinkles, sugar & frosting was consumed in the making of these cookies.

DSC06309 DSC06313

I think there was frosting under all those sprinkles & candies!!

DSC06317 DSC06319

We even forced Alex to join the “kid” fun. Aidan did something like this- lick, dump waaay too many sprinkles, lick frosting, spill frosting, repeat..

DSC06321 DSC06322

Our dinner complete with all the traditional fixings was held at an old church turned community building behind Dwain & Peggy’s house.  It was nice to all sit down at once and eat as a family. 

Emma was excited about Gma’s thumb rolls & seeing Aunt Mandy!! :)

 DSC06329 DSC06330

Isaac says yum to stuffing!   Guys (&Mandy) enjoyed several hands of cards.

DSC06332  DSC06336 

Their card playing gave me perfect Libby snuggle time!! So happy to see her, squish her and thank God she is healthy and fully recovered from her sickies in October!


Dylan & Aidan playing army men & eating ice cream!


Grandma has pictures of almost all her grandkids bathing in her kitchen sink.  Isaac’s turn!! (& Aidan insisted on joining in.  He’s a bit too big and looks like he’s all legs!)

DSC06349 DSC06351  

It was probably the messiest bath to date.  They really got into dumping water toward each other…mostly missing the sink all together! :)

DSC06358  DSC06364

We were able to attend FCC on Sunday, lunch with Gma & Papa like “old times” and then a relaxing visit with the Koosers while the kiddos played.  Monday Matt & I headed toward Wichita so he could have lunch with his work friends & I spent time with some Derby friends.  Coffee at Starbucks with a few church gals & then took lunch to Shonda & Becca who were home not feeling the best. 

Tuesday was time to head out. It was a great visit. Too short.  Didn’t get to see a few friends I really wanted to see. But grateful to see the ones I did.

The trip home was more eventful as at the TSA check point it’s discovered I was given someone else’s boarding pass. Isaac & I had to run back to the counter, get a correct pass and back through security just the two of us.  Practically undressing and sorting contents of your purse AND having his sippy cup “gas tested” all the while containing Isaac was a feat.  Once through we proceeded to our gate, got the kids a snack.  When they call family boarding we head to the line only to realize I don’t have my pass.  I sprinted back to the security check point.  It was there.   By the time I was back we were the LAST 5 people on the plane.  Yea trying to find 4 seats or even 2 and 2 so Matt & I could be with the kids…impossible.  Everyone sitting on the side of the plane with three seats were sitting with the middle seat empty.  All five of us could have sat in a line directly in front/behind each other. was budging.  Finally I said “well Emma you’re going to have to sit here between these two nice ladies.  I will sit behind you with Isaac.”  Leaving Matt & Aidan to find seats back toward the front of the plane.  I said that expecting someone to offer to move. OH.NO.  Emma is in tears and the old ladies, instead of offering to move try to encourage her to sit between them. REALLY!?!?! The steward says to Matt “this is what happens when you get to the airport late!”’t!!!  Good thing I didn’t hear her say that.  Matt told me of it later.  Finally a gentleman offers to scoot over so Matt & Aidan have a seat.  An old lady by the window offers to move, but they actually move the lady on the isle.  She was haaappy. NOT! But it gave Emma & I a seat with Isaac on my lap.

All this to say…do these people REALLY think they were going to not actually have to sit directly next to someone.  One at the window.  One at the aisle.  No one in between?!?!  Just like when you land….do people really think it speeds up the unloading process to all jump up and jam to the front of the plane. 

We were all exhausted and all the boys had a nice rest on the plane ride home.



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