Friday, August 26, 2011

My Pabby, My Friend. By: Issac

My mom’s been behind on her blog & short on motivation so I thought I’d take a break from getting into things and do a guest post about one of my favorite things.  I’m needing help from any readers out there who can help me find my long lost friend…

I was introduced to my friend pabby at an early age.  My parents like to call it pacci, pappy, plug, or “STUPID thing” depending on the moment and if they are looking for it at the time.

The first one they gave me had a handy little hole in the end that helped me hold on to it…although sometimes I clung to my mama’s arm making her hold it.Hold Pacci

The pabby has helped me catch lots of Zzzzzz’s in many different ways.

Sleepy Time

After the first hospital pabby the gave me this one that has a nice little “handle” on the end.  I have no preference if it is upright, sideways or upside down…so long as I have it!! :)

Every which way

My parents started talking about taking pabby away when they noticed my beginning stages of pabby hoarding.  I like collecting and carrying them around in bowls, boxes or other random containers.  I showed my will to keep them by using more than one at a time.  Surely they know I’m serious….Pappy Collector 

Everyone once in a while I will replace my pabby…for something like a sucker. I’m no dum dum!! ;) I think my parents secretly like my pabby as much as I do…I mean they even chained it to me a time or two. When it is attached to me I noticed they don’t walk around saying “where is that stupid thing?” quite as much.pappy

My pabby has been there for me through thick & thin.  When mom found me emptying & climbing drawers I’m pretty sure the GASP she gave was b/c she was glad I hadn’t lost my pabby.  Even though everyone thought I shouldn’t have it any more I was super happy to have it keep me calm after my whole hit-by-car incident.  The nurse even said “we love pacifiers”.  I like nurses more than dentists.

companion pappy 

My pabby made me look like a color coordinated tough Hulk.  I gave mama an ornery grin when on one attempt to take away my pabby I found the OLD hospital one and took to it like long lost friends.    Misc pappy  

They’ve taken away my pabby 3 times.  Well…Papa Stout did it the first time.  Then mom & dad took it away after the dentist said “No-no!”  They only let me have it at night, but I started taking it out of my bed & I don’t think they even noticed!!! ;)  This last time daddy couldn’t find the lone surviving pabby one night when mama was gone.  He said “that’s it. we’re done with those things!”.  I couldn’t believe it!! I let  him know I was NOT happy.  I actually let them know for a couple nights that I did NOT approve.  I can’t believe they took it away from these big brown eyes…..cute pappy

So I showed them.  You’re going to take away pabby? Fine…how’s this for convience?  Thought I was too old for a pabby?  Thought it was bad for my teeth?  How abouts a blanket shoved in my mouth and drug around on the ground?!?!

8.31.11 No pacci, now blankie

Every once in a while Mama starts talking about how future orthodontic work might be cheaper than therapy for her so she gives me a pabby from her secret stash and I take a nap….but don’t tell Daddy! :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happy 24th Month!

Yes.  You read that right.

24 months.  There’s no way all my babies have ages counted in YEARS.  So, we are going to count months forEVa with Isaac.  He will become start Kindergarten about 72 months, become a teen at 156 months, however we will NOT use the term “teen”…simply months.  He will drive at 192 months….you get the picture.

He is a little boy in love with all things “ball-ball”.  His favorites are soccer balls, footballs & basket balls.  But really any spherical object that can be kicked or thrown he LOVES!  So naturally we planned a sports themed pool & bbq party.


His cupcakes decorated with cake ball – balls were the centerpiece on my homemade cupcake stand.  He loved blowing out his candles so he could eat the ball!!


*Note his big Sissy holding his hand back as to not get burnt. :)


 DSC09108 DSC09110

Looks like such a big boy next to his presents from mommy & daddy!!DSC09119 

He wasted no time opening them either!!

DSC09121 DSC09122 DSC09126DSC09123 

We had great fun with our friends & neighbors that were able to celebrate with us.  Matt’s boss & his kids came too.  The kids had so much fun swimming & eating the party goodies!!

Isaac at 2:  loves balls, all things Toy Story & Cars.  Eats very little and is super picky.  I think it’s a texture thing.  Eats ramen, corn, yogurt, cheese, crackers, apples, and raisins consistently.  Sometimes eats alfrado, raisin toast, bread, once in a blue moon might eat grilled chicken. LOVES his chocolate milk, pacifier and being read to.  He speaks very little although we’ve noticed him gaining a few words. (dada, mama, sissy, ball, chocolate, mimi, papa, grandma, cracker, ice)  Healthy little guy that is hardly ever sick.  Shows interest in using the potty.  Sleeps great at night from about 8 pm till 6:30 am with a nap for 1 1/2 - 2+ hours in the afternoon.  Wearing size 2T – 3T clothing and size 7 1/2 DOUBLE WIDE shoes.  Has the “me do it!” two year old attitude that I recall from Sissy…but Aidan didn’t really do. Looks JUST like his daddy.  Loves getting his light brown hair cut and sits perfectly still.  Eyes are a dark brown that have melting abilities with his mama.

Friday, August 12, 2011

DIY Cupcake Stand ~ on the cheap!!

At the last minute I decided I needed a cupcake tower for Isaac’s birthday cupcakes.  Surfing around online and on some of my favorite blogs I pieced together some ideas for making my own. 

First stop Michael’s to get wooden spindles, dowels & spool components to add height and levels to the stand.

Second stop Goodwill to find plates, platters or trays to use as the base for each level.  (Actually truth be told I checked other “dollar” type stores and didn’t find anything to my liking) I found these cheesy holiday trays.  I like how each one is a bit different.  The snowman has scalloped edges, the Santa higher raised edges & the train plate was just the right size for the top tier.


First, I sprayed all the platters & wooden pieces with a white kilz primer and followed that with a coat of Semi-gloss white.  I connected one shorter & one taller spindle with a dowel rod through the center hole and a little E-6000 glue for stability. These connected pieces separate each plate creating the tiered levels.  The wooden napkin ring & wooden finial are glued together to decorate the top plate.

I used the E-6000 glue to glue each platter layer & dowel connected wooden pieces together starting with the bottom.  If time had allowed (me=procrastinator) I would have like to find a way to make this  be able to be taken apart after each use…like maybe by drilling holes through the platters, inserting a dowel or bar with threads & nuts to secure. (???)DSC09088 

Not too bad for less than $12 in supplies.

Circles cut from sports themed scrapbook paper customizes bottom of each plate on the stand.  While you could modpodge the paper down I chose to not adhere the paper so the stand can be used and customized for any party theme.  {I personally think the stand needs a gloss paint coat or clear coat to ease with clean up.}


As far as the cupcakes I made regular white cupcakes, frosted each with green “grass” and topped with a cake ball - ball.


It helps to have a cute lil’ assistant chef & beater licker! :) Take note he doesn’t care to have his hands dirty….his face on the other hand….


Monday, August 8, 2011

School Days

School seems to start too quickly out here!! Seems like we no sooner got back from KS and recovered from the surgery mess then on to school.  E & A started school the same day.

We started with E’s choice of funny face pancakes.  Here’s our version…


My cuties…excited and ready to go!DSC09054

E started 2nd grade this year in our neighborhood school.  Big girl…missin’ a few teeth yet! :)  I tease she is my little business casual dresser.  No jeans and T-shirts for this girl.  Absolutely REFUSES to wear jeans or athletic shoes.

 2nd Grade

Emma is loving school.  She is with mostly all children from her 1st grade class.  She has grown close to a little girl down the street that is in her class.  They love playing at school and after school.  Spelling tests are new to her this year and has surprised us at how great she is doing (genetically good spelling was NOT in her favor).  She is enjoying reading Junie B. Jones or Natalie books.

A started his first year of preschool.  He goes twice a week.  Had we been in KS it would have been his 2nd year, but spent last year settling in & searching for a PreK.  He was happy to have his Buzzlight year backpack.

 Aidan PreKBackpack boy

He was super, SUPER excited for school…until we arrived.  Wasn’t sure about being away from Mommy. But Ms. Pammy is super sweet and the school is very nice.

One last shot before I left and he said “Come right back after you run to the store mom.” . 


Aidan’s report from his first day of school was this- disgust for not getting to play on the outside play set and commented on his teacher with “golden hair like Rapunzel”.  :)  Ms. Pam is somewhat blonde…but has shoulder length or shorter hair?!? :)

Preschool days keep us busy.  We take E to school, have about 20 min to kill before it’s time to head to town for PreK.  Isaac & I try to kill time in town during preschool b/c the distance from home doesn’t really warrant driving all the way home before it’s time to turn around and go back to get A.  I enjoy the time with Isaac alone and love using the “quiet” time to work with him on new words…Mr. Nonverbal.  Isaac has been in mourning not quite what to do as the “only” for a couple hours a week.  The first couple weeks of school I couldn’t get him to even smile when it was just he and I.   :)  One day I tried taking him to McD play place and he didn’t know what to do w/out big brother to follow around! :)

We did our annual homemade pizza night to celebrate the beginning of school (we do it for the last day of school too), but I TOTALLY forgot to take pics!! GRR!

It’s unfair how quickly the years pass now that they are in school/entering school. Boo.  I want my babies back.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Under the Knife x2

We had to add two things to our “Summer Fun” list. Notice the word “HAD”.  They weren’t necessarily planned, but necessary I suppose.

On Tuesday, July 19th I took Isaac into the ENT for a check on his ears.  He had tubes placed before we moved a year prior, but one ear still struggled and was blocked up with “gunk” that the Dr couldn’t determine if the tube was in, if it was working or if it was in fact in place just crusted over.  The Dr couldn’t do what was necessary in the office with Isaac awake, so we were scheduled for a 2nd ear tube surgery to sedate him and determine the course of action.

After his appointment I took the kids to get donuts, ran some errands and took them to ToysRUs to browse.  While shopping I remember a wave of yuck coming over me.  Kinda sick to my stomach.  NOT hungry and plain blah feeling.  By the time we got home I was cramping something fierce.  It was concentrated on my right side & I knew that could mean appendix, but also felt it might be more female related.   I laid around all afternoon & evening.  Matt came home and tended to the kids & dinner.  I ate nothing, just didn’t feel like it and couldn’t walk standing straight up.

Wednesday I actually wasn’t as hunched over in pain, but decided I might ought to find a Dr. just in case things started to get worse.  Not Dr would see me THAT day b/c I was a new patient.  They could see me 3 weeks later.  Um…NO.  Finally found a Dr that would see me Friday AM.  I really thought I’d go to get referred to an OB thinking it was girly issues.  Since I was feeling a bit better I decided to try to push it a bit to test how I was feeling.  Took the 3 kids to the store for a few things.  Not too bad.

Went to Dr Friday AM.  Took all my energy and umph just to get showered & dressed for my appt. Matt took kids to breakfast.  Dr. scheduled a CT scan stat, but the CT office said it would take a day or two (stat=wait??) so I headed for home not sure what to do.  They said to go to ER if it got worse but it “appeared I wasn’t hurting too bad”. I did let the guy know that 2 days prior I couldn’t stand straight. Duh.

I was with in 3 miles of home when they called and told me to return as they had an opening.  During my CT scan Matt took the kids for lunch and was in a stall & hold pattern waiting for the results. They quickly came out handed me a CD with my CT images and said leave now for the ER.  Then it all came crashing down.  What to do with the kids?!?!  Should Matt just take them home & I’ll be on my own?!?  Being kinda a baby I wanted someone there with me.  After a few calls we got our neighborhood friend to watch the kids.  Matt arrived at the hospital shortly before they began prepping me for surgery. After about an hour in surgery the attempt at getting me to wake from sedation began.  I am sllllllooooow to wake up.  Guess I like me some sleepy time!!  Unfortunately since I didn’t get all woke up for dinner I couldn’t take pain meds except morphine through the IV. Whew…that stuff is whack!!  Not to mention a less than nice nurse in the night shoved it in my IV really fast causing some issue where from that point on all fluids (including saline) put in either of my 2 IVs burnt, stung & make-me-want-to-chop-my-hand-off pain. Ohmyowie!  I’d rather have labor pain, contractions, epidural & birth than relive my surgery & IV issues. To this day (2 months later) my wrist still aches and has a knot in it?!?

Recovery was slow moving and I ended up staying till Saturday.  I could have went home Friday, but the nurses agreed I didn’t look like someone ready to go home, and I felt I could have…but thought maybe should take another night to get rested.

A week later Isaac was scheduled for his ear surgery.  Thank goodness it timed out to be on the day Matt’s mom & my mom’s visit overlapped.  Leaving Matt to take Emma to church camp, Peggy watch Aidan and Mom & I to take Isaac.

He played cars & tried to put his bracelet on Mimi while we waited to be called back.

sept upload 017sept upload 014

In what seemed like minutes the Dr. came in to report that the left ear had the tube already falling out & his right tube in perfect shape.  The decision was made that another tube in the left ear would be best.  Thus both ears having tubes.  For now…the other tube is probably falling out soon. :)  

Isaac did SO well.  Even better than his first go around a year prior.  My biggest concern was coming out of sedation.  It went SO smooth.  He laid there with his eyes open, then mom picked him up and off we went.  None of the massive screaming & thrashing we had had the previous time.

I was so grateful that my mom came out.  She hadn’t even unpacked from her 2 weeks in Alaska before boarding a plane to come help…on her BDAY!!  Then a week after my surgery and a day before Isaac’s my mother in law came to help with the other kids & while Matt was out of town on business.  So thankful to those two mothers who help us out at a moments notice!!! Grand parents are grrrrreat!!

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