Monday, August 8, 2011

School Days

School seems to start too quickly out here!! Seems like we no sooner got back from KS and recovered from the surgery mess then on to school.  E & A started school the same day.

We started with E’s choice of funny face pancakes.  Here’s our version…


My cuties…excited and ready to go!DSC09054

E started 2nd grade this year in our neighborhood school.  Big girl…missin’ a few teeth yet! :)  I tease she is my little business casual dresser.  No jeans and T-shirts for this girl.  Absolutely REFUSES to wear jeans or athletic shoes.

 2nd Grade

Emma is loving school.  She is with mostly all children from her 1st grade class.  She has grown close to a little girl down the street that is in her class.  They love playing at school and after school.  Spelling tests are new to her this year and has surprised us at how great she is doing (genetically good spelling was NOT in her favor).  She is enjoying reading Junie B. Jones or Natalie books.

A started his first year of preschool.  He goes twice a week.  Had we been in KS it would have been his 2nd year, but spent last year settling in & searching for a PreK.  He was happy to have his Buzzlight year backpack.

 Aidan PreKBackpack boy

He was super, SUPER excited for school…until we arrived.  Wasn’t sure about being away from Mommy. But Ms. Pammy is super sweet and the school is very nice.

One last shot before I left and he said “Come right back after you run to the store mom.” . 


Aidan’s report from his first day of school was this- disgust for not getting to play on the outside play set and commented on his teacher with “golden hair like Rapunzel”.  :)  Ms. Pam is somewhat blonde…but has shoulder length or shorter hair?!? :)

Preschool days keep us busy.  We take E to school, have about 20 min to kill before it’s time to head to town for PreK.  Isaac & I try to kill time in town during preschool b/c the distance from home doesn’t really warrant driving all the way home before it’s time to turn around and go back to get A.  I enjoy the time with Isaac alone and love using the “quiet” time to work with him on new words…Mr. Nonverbal.  Isaac has been in mourning not quite what to do as the “only” for a couple hours a week.  The first couple weeks of school I couldn’t get him to even smile when it was just he and I.   :)  One day I tried taking him to McD play place and he didn’t know what to do w/out big brother to follow around! :)

We did our annual homemade pizza night to celebrate the beginning of school (we do it for the last day of school too), but I TOTALLY forgot to take pics!! GRR!

It’s unfair how quickly the years pass now that they are in school/entering school. Boo.  I want my babies back.


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