Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mommy Daughter Project

A while back I searched online for different ideas on hair bow holders for all those precious little hair bows lil' girls seem to accumulate. I found several cute ideas and of course made notes of ones I liked best. I also noted the immense amount of money some of these "crafters" wanted to charge for such an item!! Most "custom" hair bow holders like what I have made were close to or more than...get this...$60. YES! SIXTY!!!

Convinced to save $ off to Hobby Lobby and Walmart we went. I purchased three rolls of coordinating ribbon (pink, green, pink/green stripe) and some wider (white) grosgrain ribbon by the yard. We also bought 2 bottles acrylic paint in colors to match our ribbon- in our case green and pink, along with a larger bottle white paint. We happened to find the "base" board with metal scroll top at Walmart- identical to the example I found online.

I started by deciding I wasn't going to hand paint Emma's name on the base. So I went to my supply of cardstock scraps and my trusty, best scrapbooking invention EVER- my Cricut! I cut Emma's name using scraps of green and pink papers. Letter faces in pink with green shadows.

After painting the base white Emma assisted me in painting the pink and green polkadots.

We then took the letters cut earlier and used ModPodge to adhere them to the base.

I then coated the entire base in 2 layers of ModgePog.

Next, I hot glued the lace and trim along the bottom edge. I questioned whether or not to add them, but Emma insisted. I then cut to length 3 pieces of the wider width white ribbon and 3 pieces of narrower colored ribbon. (Our colored ribbon was pink and a pink/green stripe) I layered the narrow ribbon on top of the wide ribbon then attached them both using my stable gun. I attached one set of layered ribbons to the center of the base and the other 2 on either side. I also used one of the coordinating ribbons (green) to make a hanger by tying the ribbon to the metal scroll work. I used that same ribbon to "finish" the tails of the ribbon lengths by hot gluing a strip of it around the bottom of the layered ribbon ends.

Much to my shock making what I thought was a decent sized hair bow holder turns out to be completely full of bows. Ugh now what!?

To purchase the one I found online was about $60. I would estimate making this on your own to be: $5. for base, $10. in ribbon/trim, $3. in paint, $2. for paper, and $3 for Modpodge. So, for about $23 you could make one for yourself in minimum time- plus have extra paint, ribbon, paper and Modpodge to make more to give as gifts!!
Happy Crafting!


shondak said...

Too Cute! Thanks for sharing this adorable idea! And what a great thing to do together!

thepartridgefamily said...

That is too cute. And a fun mommy daughter project that will be VERY useful. You should make them to sell at the festival. :)

Kristina Scott said...

That is great! I think you should go into the bow holder business! Looks like you'll need to start a new one for the yet unnamed baby girl! P.S. Karaline LOVES her file folder games!!!

NeniaDawn said...


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