Sunday, June 28, 2009


In the 25 months I've spent pregnant in my life I've never encountered such a comment:

[Background] So after a long weekend that was exhausting (another blog to come later) I return home, put my feet up for a couple hours and then go to about 10 minutes of Matt's softball game- they kicked hiney so the game ended quickly. Grabbed a snowcone before heading home, bathing kids...yadayadaya bedtime routine. Kids in bed- time to run to Dillons to grab a few things to make it through tomorrow.

My exhausted self enters Dillons looking great with full make up and a glow on my face . I waddle at a turtles pace, face had yet to be put on for the day, hair thrown up in a clip...the pillar of style and grace. I proceed through Dillons with little excitement. Grabbed the dozen or so items I needed.

I choose an open check out isle. Put all the items on the belt and begin to enter my Dillons ID number as the cashier- a WOMAN none the less mutters something - my ability to multitask (enter number and listen) has lessened with each child- combine with that preggers brain and the disbelief that surely she didn't say what I thought she did, I kept messing up my code. Anywho's....I finally make the mistake of the night and ask the woman "What?" Convinced that I did NOT, could NOT have heard correctly what she had said the first time...

Me: "What?"
Cashier: "You're looking heavy"
Me: "?????" [confused look of disbelief]
Cashier: "That baby coming any day?? Looks like it's going to be a 'healthy' one! When are you due?"
Me: [smirking] Aug. 13th.
Cashier: "Wow, you still have a while then"
Me: [thanks lady I'm feeling better with each moment I spend with you. YES. 6 1/2 weeks to be exact. holding back kicking her with my swollen foot] "Hahaha...yeah. Trend has been each child is a pound bigger than the previous."
Cashier: "You saved $2.85 today. Take it easy honey"
Me: [no response...the disbelief was wearing off...thoughts of hormone induced violence started setting in so I quickly exited resisting the urge to ram her with my cart or stick my swollen foot anywhere inappropriate]

She didn't?!?! OH YES LADIES SHE DID! A woman actually said to another woman, pregnant none the less- "Looking HEAVY" SERIOUSLY....HEAVY!!! On a day where the aches and pains of pregnancy were wearing on me to the max I encounter the most insulting conversation of all 3 of my pregnancies. I've had MEN speak in a more appropriate fashion.

TOP it all off...I get home to unload groceries...she sacked my bananas with my can of pears. Produce & canned goods??? Who would do that? It's all becoming clear now...

So you might wonder what is my response to such an encounter...hmm... couple options...

#1 I may be HEAVY, but I'm giving birth and will become "lighter". I'd say you can't birth stupidity, but I guess we'd need to ask her mama about that. :)


#2 Give her the benefit of the doubt. It was late and she spoke without thinking...I've been known to maybe do that. Maybe she's never had children. Doesn't understand what it's like to be a waddling, beached whale that is swollen and aches with each movement. Could be the case!!??

Hmm...what do you think? :)


thepartridgefamily said...

Oh no she didn't. Lucky her that you held back.

akmohr said...

Oh Teresa! I was groaning in disbelief as I read this! You poor thing!

Kristina Scott said...

She'd have a field day with me since I am HEAVY and not even pregnant. If it were me, I would fill out a comment card or call in to speak with a manager. P.S. I wish I looked as good on a nonpregnant day as you look on your worst preggers day! You are beauiful my friend, and that lady is an idiot!!

NeniaDawn said...

Wow...You have so much more class than I...You handled it with grace and ummm...ya, let's just say that I wouldn't have. But, I agree, you look phenominal...You would have been one of those pregnant people that I REALLY disliked when I was pregnant...all cute and whatnot...But since I'm not...I just get to love you to peices and tell you how adorable u are. :o)

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