Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pregnancy According to a 5 Year Old

Part of the reason I started this blog was as a way to record, similar to a journal, the funny sayings or moment I've shared with my children. I'm not much of a pen & paper journaler. I feel like my fingers keep up better on a keyboard when thoughts or memories pour out...much better than writing them b/c then I'd have to worry about correct spelling without the use of spell check OR that my writing might get sloppy- then I'd have to rewrite it all pretty. Ok- TMI on how anal I can be at times. :) Anyways here's some notes from the Oldest Stout Sprout on the coming Stout Sprout:

A 5 year old believes that sharing a chicken nugget with me will result in her getting my germs and therefore becoming pregnant.

A 5 year old believes that running while pregnant is ok. The baby won't like it, but "IT" will have to "get over it".

A 5 year old believes that us having baby #3 means we're becoming the Duggars.

A 5 year old believes that she is not responsible to help care for the baby because it "wasn't her choice to have another baby, it was mommy's and daddy's".

A 5 year old believes that mommy shouldn't cry during labor. "Just be tough." She also thinks she wants to be present at the birth and will "be tough" and not get scared or grossed out.

A 5 year old can maintain the same name idea (for only a girl) for the entire pregnancy. Madeline or Juno are the names she's hoping for.

A 5 year old is aware that daddy has "swerms" and mommy has an egg, but luckily has yet to make connections or ask questions on how those "meet" to create baby brother or sister.

This same 5 year old informed me I should not feed the baby from a bottle, yet should give the baby milk from my "boobies". Except when she wants to feed the baby...wait I thought she signing away her "helping rights" since this child was not her decision!!?? Thanks little Miss Lelecha League. Sorry to disappoint all the nursers out there. It didn't work for this dry well the first 2 times, and my desire to attempt it this time is nill.

That's about all the funnies so far. Still have 7 weeks to go, and have a feeling that closer to delivery it could get more and more interesting to hear her ideas and comments!


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