Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pregnancy Q & A

Found this while Blog Stalking for MOPS crafts...too funny...I could relate to several...today in particular...getting the epidural as soon as you find out you're preggers!! :)

Q: Should I have a baby after 35?
A: No, 35 children is enough.

Q : I'm two months pregnant now. When will my baby move?
A: With any luck, right after he finishes college.

Q : What is the most reliable method to determine a baby's sex?
A: Childbirth.

Q: My wife is five months pregnant and so moody that sometimes she's borderline irrational.
A: So what's your question?

Q : My childbirth instructor says it's not pain I'll feel during labor, but pressure. Is she right?
A: Yes, in the same way that a tornado might be called an air current.

Q: When is the best time to get an epidural?
A: Right after you find out you're pregnant.

Q : Is there any reason I have to be in the delivery room while my wife is in labor?
A: Not unless the word 'alimony' means anything to you.

Q: Is there anything I should avoid while recovering from childbirth?
A: Yes, pregnancy.

Q : Do I have to have a baby shower?
A: Not if you change the baby's diaper very quickly.

Q : Our baby was born last week. When will my wife begin to feel and act normal again?
A: When the kids are in college.
Friday, July 24, 2009

36 & 37 Weeks

I had kind of forgot to update on my weekly OB appts. I went last week for my 36 week appt. (ok so really I was 35 wks 6 days) I was 1 1/2 cm dilated and the baby's heartrate was 140ish. This week was my 37 week appt (actually 36 wks 6 days...do see how I like to round it up! :) )and I had obviously worked very hard during the week to dilate a whole 1/2 centimeter more!! Wow! Aren't you impressed!! The baby's heartrate was 150 but as the Dr. noticed and commented it was party time in the womb...baby was alllll over the place!!

A bit early to discuss induction and all that final timing, but she did mention that she had scheduled a few days off when she had no one due. So, as we agreed that means everyone will go into labor then! I got notice yesterday that my Aug. 5th appt will be with a different Dr. as mine will be out of town. So, although disappointing b/c I figured that would be the day induction would be discussed (especially since I've learned they can induce at 39 weeks now for NO medical reason, just "logistics") maybe that means we'll discuss all those details at my appt on the 29th. Matt will be joining me for that appt. Then I do have one more appt on the 12th...the day before I'm due. Considering Emma was 2 days late and Aidan I think would have been about the same if I hadn't been induced on the due date...I'm thinking I'll see the appt on the 12th come and go without baby. Perhaps it'll be timely on it's due date. I do think if I opt for induction I can't go to the Birth Care center, which is where I'm leaning toward going. So we'll wait on baby & Gods timing I guess!

I'm feeling alright. Just the usual. One thing that is a bit different or maybe just worst than previous babies is the indigestion. Wow it comes on like a mad man each night regardless of my diet. I did try to enjoy a Dr. Pepper the other day and decided that is out of the question until after baby!

We're feeling more ready. Matt and I both are nesting which has resulted in new blinds in the upstairs living. We had ordered a new cabinet to hold our upstairs TV months ago and it is in for pick up tonight! Yeah! Matt is on duty so we'll spend this weekend getting that set up and cleaning carpets. He might start on the hall bath redo and slappin' a coat of paint on the downstairs bath. I hope to get the gender neutral newborn tote and Aidan's newborn tote out of the attic to start washing up some of the newborn things. I love to have tiny newborn stuff for the babies to wear right away...but wonder if this one will be small enough! I'm fully expecting a 9 1/2 pounder. Guess we also need to get the cradle down. The MIL has the boy and girl bedding for it. She wanted to try and predict and wash up only the one she is guessing it'll be, but couldn't decide so she's getting both ready. :) My neighbor/daycare parent tried the string and needle test on me to determine the baby's gender. She informed me the next day somethingwent wrong b/c the needle swung the boy direction on Emma, girl on Aidan, so she doesn't know what to make of what it said for this baby! :) Leave it to my kids to mess up that test! She wants to redo with a ring on a string. It did say we'd only have 3 kids so I'm not sure what that means on Matt's ideas of adoption?? I will admit the not knowing gender has gotten harder the closer it gets to being here. Weird. I would have thought it would get easier b/c it's about to be revealed. But it's super hard to feel totally prepared.
Names. Don't ask. Don't even get me started. One week and 2 days ago (who's counting?!?) I asked Matt his top 2 girl names off our list and he said "Can we go one day with out talking about this!?!) So, I've left him alone, but it's nearly killing me! Makes me lean toward the name issue being another good reason for it to be a boy in addition to the close in age to Aidan, they can share a room, etc. If it's a girl we'll be doing some quick decision making!!

That's about it on the baby front. Emma is pretty excited and still telling everyone she wants a sister. She's informed me that I should take "Alli" the diet medication to help make my tummy smaller after baby. I love her. She survived her 4 shots for Kindergarten. We have a backpack full of supplies and her lunch gear. She's gotten several new outfits to sport as well.

Aidan is a...dancing maniac as I type this. He's a busy boy. Has some days that are GREAT telling mommy he has to potty and then totally peeing everywhere the next. We are not where I had hoped to be on that. Oh, well. He was totally precious in the maternity photo shoot we had done on July 12th. Kissin' my belly!! Ahhh! (I'll try to get some of those photos up soon!)

That's about it on the Stout Sprout front. I'm getting an email group set up to email out news as it comes, along with FB and right here in my little blogging world that is read by 10's of people each day!! Hahaha!

More to come as things develop....
Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blah, Blah, Ugh, Grouch, Complain...

...really this is just a download of "junk" that is on my mind that needs released. Some of it nice other bits maybe not so nice, but have you ever felt just overwhelmed and attacked by a constant stream of issues. Not huge, life altering or even life threatening. I should somehow process all of this in a "God won't give you more than you can handle" I am healthy, my family is healthy and just count my blessings...but really right now I just need to unload...so read on if you wish or stop now b/c I'll admit now this is probably more for me than info you want or need to hear! :)

- This fence issue. It just won't die. The swingset was in place by mid May and on Aidan's bday is when post holes were dug. Let the neighbor drama begin there. Sparing most the details that some of you have heard about over the last few months I'll summarize by saying it's been NONstop and it's now almost AUGUST! One minute we think we have things worked out with her and the next she's thought on things a day or so and changed her mind/get's all worked up again. Part of me tonight wanted to contact her and say. We see you got a survey. We see that the fence needs some moving...we'll get right on that. *in a calm cheery voice* The other part of me wants to say things like "quit getting your depend in a bunch"or "use your walker to go back in your house and we'll see you in another 5 years". Take a minute to discuss issues with us like adults instead of calling us "malicious" and playing the "poor elderly woman being taken advantage of" card. We've NEVER once refused to move the fence. But aren't going to move it b/c she's threatening us. We simply wanted to make sure it really is in the wrong location before going to all that work. We wanted to make sure if we had to move it that we have our ducks in a row this time to make sure it's placed where you are happy. We had no idea that it seems our house was built weird on our lot. We had no idea that basically following the "grasslines" of mowing from the last 8 years when placing the fence WASN'T going to be a safe assumption. We had no idea that for 5 years we've been mowing a fairly large portion of your yard. And you certainly didn't seem to mind that for those 5 years we've mowed, treated, watered and overall pampered that significant section of grass. Oh, no. It only becomes an issue when we put up a fence for the safety of our children and thus you can't "see the children play anymore". Which is kinda a creepy thing anyway. Part of me wishes we could make it taller than 6 ft. Part of me wants to bring the fence to the front corner of our house instead of the back. We had planned to, but then felt it put too much of our fence in YOUR front yard thus obstructing your view. Why yes, we do attempt to be thoughtful to our neighbors...unlike you think. I wish after Matt talked with her tonight and they determined a "deadline" to get it moved I could feel at peace, but I don't. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior (thanks Phil) and the past record has been you agree to something and then sit in your house staring out the back window doing crosswords and get all worked up again. You start calling every agency or business that gets stuck listening to how mean your neighbors are.
All I can say on this is that we never meant to place our fence in the wrong location...why would we??? So Matt can spend a precious weekend before this baby comes digging it up? So we could spend more $$ on a project that is NEVER ENDING!!?? We ARE the kind of people, I think, that will do anything for about anyone...she's been our neighbor for 5 years w/out issue until now??!! We're the type that would shovel her drive from snow, assist her in anyway all for her 1st contact with us in 5 years to be accusing Matt of lying about his name, driving heavy equipment in her yard, turning us in to the HOA, City, county, threatened the police and an attorney. So, I do expect with in the week to be delivered paperwork either taking us to court or from an attorney demanding payment for the survey and God knows what else. She did tell Matt tonight that she really wanted it resolved quickly b/c it's interfering with her running her sprinkler system. We've seen it run twice in 5 years. Both times within the last 4-6 weeks and it's been once to prove to us that 2 heads were on our side and once during the week it was 100 plus degrees out. 5 years. Her sodded yard that she's let turn to weeds...last summer her yard would reach over a foot before it would get mowed. We never complained to her, turned her in or NOthing!! We never turned her in for living there for 5 years without planting the proper number of shrubs our HOA outlines as policy. She must be unaware of the policy...yet soooo aware of others?!?!?! I'm so shocked and saddened to see that we are actually dealing with a deceitful old woman instead of dementia old woman we initially thought. Maybe there's a reason her grandson called her a hag to us and we seldom see her have visitors...ever....hummmm..... Let's pray it's over after tonights conversation. Hope the calls to the city, HOA, the neighbor, to Matt at work, etc can now end to make my days much easier.

- Little thing yet just inconvenient. Take Emma's down comforter to the new cleaners near our house. Trying to support a new business in town. All for it to be a month long fight to get OUR comforter back. It took 4 trips to the store and countless phone calls and rounds of phone tag to get the correct comforter back. All to get it back with no "sorry" or discounted rate??!! I know due to Matt's job I expect good customer service...maybe tooo good, but come on! Major deal...no, but it wasted time on the phone and going back and forth to get it resolved...just annoyoing.

- More phonetag games with the Health Insurance company regarding the Hospital change. Seriously, why doesn't the employer send a list to all employees of this division a list stating main hospitals and care centers that are considered "covered" in this area?? They give an internet site, which I found is not accurate. They give phone numbers, yet read a disclaimer that basically says "you can't quote me that what I tell you is right" "what I tell you doesn't guarantee coverage". What??? Who CAN tell me then??? So, I guess instead of the employers/insurance company issuing a document each year at renewal that clearly states where you go for coverage they want EACH and EVERY employee to call them and ask??? or simply go to the wrong hospital and then have to fight to get their care covered. UGH! Maybe this will all be fixed by Obama's healthcare plan! HA!

- Can you see the pattern that I ESPECIALLY hate dealing with change, conflict and issues on the phone!!?? It makes it soo much more frustrating for me! AND I must have an issue with feeling my time right now is precious and flying by... :)

-I'm just at that point. The point where I'm feeling ready for the baby, yet still have huge surges of whoa!! NOT READY! I got a notice in the mail yesterday that my Dr. will be gone for my Aug. 5th appt. So there goes the hope that she could induce a week early if she wanted....she won't even be in town!! Through conversation with her it appears she has a ton of women due the same week as me.

-MOPS planning has begun. I am super excited b/c I have an awesome group of gals that I'm working with. Their dedication and excitement encourage me to keep going with it. They are super awesome Christian sistas!!! But I do hope I can balance the start of MOPS with new baby and even a shred of sanity...

-Daycare. The days are getting longer. Summer is so unpredictable with schedules and we're basically stuck as I've not done any transporting. Makes the days a bit longer, but I couldn't dream of having the energy to GO anyway. I have to take breathers pretty frequently just doing daily activities!! With so many little girls this summer the volume level is just amazingly high and so can the drama....unbelievable right? ;)

-Parenting. Not sure if things have been rougher with Emma or it's just my attitude (which with all stated above that could easily be the case). It just seems like constant issues that, irregardless of my consistency, are on going. Sassy, raising her voice and sneaky-compulsive-self control. I think the raising of voice is partially for Matt & I to take blame on b/c due to all the above mentioned issues we're a bit short with the kiddos at times. I know....we're bad....SRS is on their way. But with my personality I can't just leave it like that. I have to further analyze WHEN did we go so wrong. Emma was such a good infant/toddler. She definitely shows massive signs of being strong willed...but I'm not willing to let her hide behind that "label". So, when was it. Did we do something when Aidan was born and was such a mess that effected her? If so does that mean we're about to enter the same thing with Aidan. Great.

Well if you actually made it though all of this congrats. You deserve and award for reading though the blabbing and being enough of a friend to me to even care. :)

To hope and pray all this is out and over there are a few things to be excited about in the coming days/weeks...
We are despite the above mess getting some exciting things done around to to prepare for baby. My MIL and I went shopping on Sunday and got a couple things that make me feel more prepared for baby (pjs for me, baby book, a little girl outfit ;), nipples, and a couple outfits for Emma for school).
We get our new cabinet for the upstairs today that will hold the tv at a higher level and out of reach of little hands. It'll also hold a bunch of toys in baskets. Matt will be cleaning the carpets in the coming week.
I enroll Emma in Kind. next Wed. I'm sure there will be a coming blog about that experience!
Next Friday night I'll have a hang out night with some of my bestest girls!! A bit of a shower I suppose...even thought it's my 3rd and we don' t know what it is!!! :) It'll be fun! I have some of th best girlfriends!
I have one more week solo before my cousin Diane comes to stay for a week. I'm super excited to have her here...just REALLY wish it could be when the baby comes, but who knows...that's up to the baby! She'll be able to help when I go to one of my last OB appts and I think I might have a haircut that week. Gotta look good for labor!! I'm sure Matt would love to dump her with the kids to go "out" probably to a movie. He was dying to watch the new Potter while still in the balcony theater. Well the last showing was last night at 10...it's a 2 1/2 hour movie. He seriously asked me if we could go?? Anyways Diane's help will be great!

That's enough rambling from me. Again congrats, you deserve an award for making it though this and being a dedicated blog reader! :)
Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wow...One Month

With only a month left in this pregnancy I wanted to record some of my thoughts before (I fear know) my time for reflection and blogging is lessened!! So here it goes...the things I'm excited & nervous about and things I hope for and already regret.

Things I'm Excited About:
Y Little, Dimpled, Chubby Hands
Y Tiny Hats, Socks & Diapers
Y Seeing Aidan with a baby-he's very sweet toward babies
Y Holding the Baby Burrito
Y Accomplished feeling of Labor/Birth
Y The little newborn cry
Y Already understanding that the love for this child is already there. No fears like when adding the 2nd of "do I have enough love for another child". We sooo do have that love and then some!
Y Bring on the colic, acid reflux, sleepless nights...been there done that and I think I survived with a shred of my sanity!
Y Excited grandparents meeting a new grandbaby.
Y To see how this one will be different from the others.
Y Will it be a boy? A brother for Aidan...another mamas boy, 2 rough and tumble dirt covered boys, 2 Stouts for the Derby Panther defensive line, best of buds and a twosome sure to find trouble, another daddy's helper to help with boards, projects & yard work.
Y Will it be a girl? A lil' sis that will look up to her big sister, more bows lace & ruffles!!, Matt to have 2 daddy's girls to steal his heart (& $$ someday), another sister for Aidan to defend, the sweet, softness and gentleness of a baby girl's cry.
Y Will it have the Matt scowl? Emma had the forehead dimple, Aidan has the eyebrow scowl...
YMy maternity photos!! Although very self conscious, glad I had them done. Anxious to find the time to preview and get some ordered. (Have I mentioned how much I love B&W photos...more forgiving and pleasing to the eye!)

Things I'm Nervous Terrified About:
a Don't have a name!!
a I'll never go anywhere with 3! I can't seem to get the other 2 to listen lately...when 2 split different directions, which way do I go and do I leave the baby strapped to the cart?
a Emma starting school at such a transitional point.
a The sleepless nights. Not just the baby, but how the other 2 seem to wake at some point each night...being a night owl and not going to bed until midnight & up at 6 then factor in waking 3-4 times between all the kids. Oh this could be interesting. I apologize in advance for my short fuse and grumpiness!
a Car rides. They used to be the best time for Matt and I to talk. It's gotten harder impossible with the addition of each child. Emma talks non-stop, Aidan is either very excited naming EVERYTHING he sees OR is screeching, now add an infant. We will end up in a ditch or perhaps buy those ear phones motorcycle riders use. Blocks out road kid noise, but has a mic for us to talk!
a Recovery, blood pressure/infections, weightloss, convincing Matt to get snipped before we end up preggers again. Cause there will be no more pill poppin' for me! Those pills can keep their 10 lbs!
a A little..not but not as much as with the first- the expense. God provides and we have learned that. But 2 in diapers, formula, shoes x3, activities x3, going out x3, paying a sitter for 3, on & on

a Is this one going to make Aidan my middle and ONLY boy or simply stuck in the middle. (YES I'm a middle child!!)
a Emma's desire to not only hold the baby but carry/stand up holding the baby. Let's take a guess of how many days before baby gets moved to a new location, in some manner by one of the 2 older siblings.
a Better yet...is this the "Final" child God has planned for us...

a Just being honest here...is it really going to be in the last month with my last pregnancy that some shiny little lines are going to start appearing around my belly button...come on now!! 27 months of being pregnant and the final 28th month is going to get me!!

Things I Hope For:
- I hope that I've learned my lesson by now how quickly the time goes and will cherish it a bit more. Slow down. Get out of living the "Motions" (LOVE that song by Matthew West!). Become more intentional about creating memories & spending quality time. I hope pray for PEACE. Don't get wrapped up in the craziness and be still with my "final" baby.
- I of course hope that the baby sleeps well, cries little and is a baby that is peaceful and happy. But, I also know that I will survive if that doesn't all come true. (Thanks Aidan for teaching mommy!!)
- We'll see if it happens, but I think I'll do better at "memory keeping" for the 3rd than with Aidan. He was such a mess- so is his baby book, 1st year calendar etc. I've since learned simplified methods to maintain all that. I think!
- A smooth transition with the baby, Aidan & Emma adjusting to the change.
- Maybe HOPE isn't the right word. Hope makes it sound as though "I" have a lot more control in what happens than I really do. So, what I know to be true... God has a plan for this baby already. No matter it's gender, health or any other "issues" this child was chosen for us, designed unique with it's days already counted, and blessed with special gifts. So, my hope is to always remember the blessing we've been given and to help guide this child to use his/her special gifts to enrich the lives of others and to serve it's Creator.

Things I Regret...
I hate to even put this "negative" part to a post, but with my personality I have to get this "stuff" down and out of my brain to let go.
r I regret just living the day in and day outs of this pregnancy. I hardly stopped to do the daydreaming and reflection I did with especially Emma. For heaven sakes we don't know what this one is and I've only allowed my brain to invision if our next family photo will be + a girl or a boy a few times.
r I seldom cracked a pregnancy book to find out what was developing this day/week. Where was I when that little bitty heart took it's first beat? When you opened your eyes for the first time? When did you start to recognize voices from "out here"?
r Have I used a calm, peaceful and soft voice since you've been able to hear me...or have you already heard my moments of irritation and frustration?
r I have found myself wishing for the end to get here to meet you, but also to get out of the discomfort I feel. I told myself in the beginning...the 9 months fly by...remember that and keep focused on the prize at the end. Don't feel like I've done that. The discomfort has been so much greater, and the exhaustion with the other 2. Now as the end nears I find myself slamming on the breaks as I don't feel ready. I often think...I could carry on like this a while longer...right??!!
r Not realizing with only 1 how much time I actually did have- until #2 came & now to probably learn that I had a lot more time with 2 than I realized until 3 arrives.

So ONE more month to-
Feel those flutters & kicks. Oh, my ribs!
Let God finish this precious little baby.
Take time to daydream.
Get a few things done to be "ready".
Utilize man-to-man defense.
Attempt to sleep.
Oh, yea...and find a name!

So, boy/girl, bald/hair, happy/fussy, scowl/no scowl, 7lbs or 9lbs we'll know in a month!
Monday, July 13, 2009

Things Learned In a 3rd Pregnancy

Not finding out the gender of a baby can drive others more crazy than my obsessive planner self.

It can be 7 weeks out from due date before you realize that you haven't even thought about a coming home outfit!!
Each and every pregnancy can be totally different in every way. I therefore assume this child will also be totally different than the other two. Where's the predictability or comfort in feeling like you know what you're doing the 3rd time around? Why can't on the 3rd I get to choose what characteristics or behaviors this one will have...ie- good infant like Emma, happy toddler like Aidan, sleep like Emma as an infant, like Aidan as a toddler, clear skin like Emma, normal foot size like Emma, cuddler like Aidan, appreciative like Aidan, etc, etc...

Even as an obsessive planner it is possible to be 7 weeks six weeks 4 1/2 weeks out from delivery and NOT have a name chosen. Seriously...I NEVER would have guessed. If someone had told me in December that it would be the middle of June first of July and still have no name I would have laughed!!! I'm not laughing now...

OB appointments can almost become a bore if it weren't for getting to hear the precious heartbeat each time. I feel like there should be a home test for the urine sample you have to provide each time. Can just skip the "how are things going?" question. Same ole, Same old. She doesn't really want me to say..."my back hurts, stomach is stretching and I don't think there's room, I can't eat much, or sleep, my feet are swelling, etc, etc". Isn't that what she probably hears all day. I try to keep it light hearted and conversational....except for the occasional concern about my hernia or varicostities.

Your uterus stretches quicker and is thinner the 3rd time around. Movements therefore are even more alien like and you seriously feel like the baby is JUST under your skin!

Worries about the baby's health are more frequent than with my first or even second pregnancy. Maybe hearing about other's stories, too much reading or time spent in a peds office makes you more aware of all that is out there. I'm very, very ready to see (God willing) my healthy baby. It's almost like the magnitude of the miracle that conception, pregnancy and birth are make me feel like we can't (ok...God can't) repeat that a 3rd time. Ok...I know He can and pray He will!

Labor is not a fear. It's a challenge I almost feel excited about. I do have worries. Hope the baby's position is such that it will allow for a natural delivery. No C-section the 3rd time around please!! The pregnancy was different, the baby will be...but labor...come on. I kinda think I know what I'm doing now!

I'm super excited to see if it works out to have my OB there. She was present for the other 2 births...3rd times a charm!

Kids have the wildest ideas of what the belly button is when pregnant. It's ranged from the baby's nose to the baby pointing with it's finger.

You can not swell one pregnancy, swell like the Michelin man on the 2nd and then not swell on the third. Was my 2nd my body's attempt at rejecting all the male hormones...we'll find out in Aug!!

You can have a list of names with your first...use one and none of them will carry over to #2. Then you can have a list with #2 and none of those names carry over when expecting #3. Weird?

I was really dreading comments like "You have one of each, why a 3rd?", but must admit I didn't receive as many (to my face) as I thought I would. Not to say I haven't had tons say "Are you done with this one?" :)

You think the first one's first year goes so quickly. Then you think your second pregnancy goes by fast. The third is a blur. I have lots of notebooks/calendars in place to help track the milestones for this third one anticipating time to speed up even more!

This body is 6 years older than when it carried #1 and boy can I tel! Sometimes I think I'll go from seeing an OB to a geriatric Dr.! :)

I'm sure there's much more I'll be learning even in these final weeks...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th Fun

The Fourth has become a week long event for us the last few years. It starts a week in advance with Matt helping our church set up and work one of the 3 tents our church runs to raise money for our youth. He has a great time and the kids and I had a great time visiting the tent each night for a shaved ice!! Emma and I varied our flavors, but Aidan didn't care so long as it was "BLUE". Each year in the past we have attended the town's 4th of July parade, but I couldn't resist the offer from the in-laws to take the kids for Friday night!! Next year...

Aidan and I ran to the store Friday afternoon to purchase some various items for my contribution to the annual Stout 4th Celebration. I settled on BLT Pasta Salad (I personally have a thing against cold noodles...but it's not all about me!) and a big bunch of mixed fruit. Aidan, who recently fell in love with grapes, got BIG eyed as we rounded the area of produce with the huge display of watermelon. With big eyes he says "BIG GRAPES!! Big, Big, grapes!!". So CUTE he is!! When we got home he was very excited to show daddy the "big grape".

Here he is sitting on his Big Grape.

The kids stayed the night with Grandma & Papa the night before. By the time we arrived they were already lil' fishes in the pool. Aidan sporting his "glasses" and Emma was a poser the whole day. Here's one with the inter tube.

Aidan when told it was time
to get out of the pool...

Here's our children enjoying lighting money on fire fireworks. Emma was super excited to get this pink backpack full of goodies for little ones...even if it did have a scantly clad "Brittney" look alike on the front. Below is NOT Emma lighting a bottle rocket...afterall we live in KS and that would be illegal.

Aidan did SUPER well with fireworks considering how the week started. He was beyond terrified, but with daddy & papa around he did a great job and quickly learned he could just cover his ears if he didn't like the noise.

Miss Independence

Miss & Mister Independence...to think we'll have a new lil' firecracker next year!!

The only proof that I was actually there. Aidan & I enjoying the fireworks show!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Fair Days

Last weekend I headed home for the Melvern Fair Days. It's been an annual trip for at least me and the kids. This year we arrived on Friday evening and came home Sunday afternoon. I will admit this year it took every bit of energy I could muster up to go. Simiply the prep to pack was tiring and the drive was something my feet and back feared.
However, 2 things won out. Seeing family and....HOT BEEF!
As a child the only 2 places you could get this type of sandwich was at fair time and at the Methodist church "Penny" suppers held on Saturdays throughout the summer. My plan was to average 2 sandwiches per day and succeeded in that mission! My Dr. would be proud of the protein it supplied my body, because typically meat has been something I've avoided! Yummo for the baby!

When we arrived Friday night it was beyond hot and very, VERY still. I was hangin' in there, but the kids literally were miserable. Poor Emma and her thin hair looked as if she had stepped out of the shower. Hair drenched. Aidan refused to do most rides...except the stupid jumpy, bounce house. Seriously, $3 for him to jump for about 3 minutes...and it was his favorite! Emma got the arm band and barely came close to making it worth the $$. We eventually retreated to Mimi's to do some skinny dipping in her pool....the kids....not us adults! :)
Saturday AM was an early rise to get ready for the Kids Games. Kids of all ages gather at the school ball fields to participate in various games such as running, tire race, 3 legged race, shoe race, bike races, on and on... The girls love participating to earn $$ for rides. $1 for first, .50 for second, and .25 for 3rd. Emma earned enough for maybe 1 1/2 rides! Aidan even joined in the fun this year. He ran the race, shoe race and tire race. The tire race was the best! My cousin Beth got him started, I was at the finish line with the camera and to encourage him to come the right way. He rolled the tire once, it fell and he looked around and took off running for the line. He was like "forget that tire...I'm runnin'". So CUTE! Emma and Madison did great at the 3 legged race. Not saying they had the best form...but they don't judge on that!
Tired from the races we rate some of the best pizza around for lunch! What a treat! Hot beef & Buzzards pizza!!! Full tummy- time for a nap. The boys napped, my sis and the girls went up town for the Old Fashion Games. Egg toss, water balloon toss, digging in hay for $$, haybail toss, nail driving, turtle races, and jalopeno eatting contest. Once rested time to eat dinner and get our spots for the parade. We have always sat on Main Street in my grandparents yard, but after the death of my Grandpa 2 years ago the house has finally been sold however the current owners were more than willing to let us enjoy our annual spot. The kids always enjoy watching Papa march with the legion. Not sure if it's appropriate but they scream and cheer when they see him....I think we're all supposed to stand...probably quietly at attention as they carry the flags!! :) Fire trucks are a thrill to Aidan so considering that was 1/2 of the parade he was in heaven! This year's parade also included a Drumline...it was awesome! We gathered 1/2 a bag of candy from the parade and ran off to the park for the homemade ice cream social. Yummm My kids got to choose their 3 favorite rides to ride before leaving. Perfect timing as the rides were over a rain shower/sprinkle came through and gave us the perfect excuse to head to Mimis. Saturday night was soo much more enjoyable as there was a nice breeze and a bit cooler!

I stuck around for lunch on Sunday again gathering the energy for the trip home. Within about 15 minutes from Melvern my feet were in baaaaaad shape...or at least a round puffy shape. The kids slept the entire way so the quiet was very much enjoyed.

So that was Fair Days until next year....we'll have to go up on Thursday next year for the FINAL time of being in the baby show!! Michelle, my cousin and myself will all have little ones competing for first!! [Side note: my hopes are not set on a win...the judges in the past have seemed to suffer from visual problems....I mean come on!!Look at these babies...]

Emma w/ Great Gm & Papa at baby show. (June '04 -6 months)

Aidan with Mommy at "Cowboy" themed baby show. (June '07 -1 month)
Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sprout Check Up

The day started with the realization that I can officially say "I'm having a baby next month!" That's enough to send me in to neurotic nesting mode! I went in for my 34 week check up. Lucky for the Dr. I went today and not yesterday...it was a rough day, today however was much better. I seem to be on an every-other-day schedule. So, in case you're wondering my good days are M, W,F and I think Sat. However, Sun., Tues, and Thurs. are a bit more rough. You might want to schedule your visits and contacts with me around that schedule!! You have been warned...

Heartrate was down a bit at 137 and sounded kinda far away- the baby kicked the Dr. pretty hard in protest to the little machine thingy. I shared a few of my complaints/concerns, but Dr. is usually pretty quick to let me know the 3rd pregnancy is the one that will do you in. So, it makes me wonder...how does the preggers lady that was in the waiting room with her FOUR children do it???? I'm allowing myself 5 more lbs of weight gain. That means if I have a 9-10lber which is what I'm predicting I won't be tooooo overwhelmed at the task of weightloss ahead of me. Five more pounds...wonder how many more smores that equates to? BTW I will need some accountability post baby. Someone please remove my microwave from my house to eliminate smore cooking. While you're at it grab the box of matches too. With the microwave gone I may resort to using other sources of heat...wonder if matches would work? Hmm...sounds like an experiment! :) Oh sooo yummy...

Dr. visit days are kinda a nice get away although short. I can't really believe I'm admitting to this, but I did use the time without children in the car to make a stop at an...um "Establishment" that I go to to purchase one very, VERY tame item. I figure I might as well admit it here just in case someone saw my pregnant belly waddling in. Let's just say the place is where "fun and fantasy meet". Now I assure you I was there for neither the fun or the fantasy...just ask Matt. Reminder I'm pregnant. We're aware of "fun" and what it causes! I only go there a couple times a year because they sell the most awesomest of shave lotions!! I really have been meaning to go for months as the shave lotion over time actually softens your hair and seems to slow the grow thus needing to shave less which when you have a beachball at your abdomen the fewer times you have to reach your ankles to shave the better! The kicker was when I went to pull in (under the cover of the AFTERNOON SUN!) the only car in the lot was a car that was the same make and model of one of my daycare parents. My first thought was "Oh, that's great...in the middle of the afternoon, while I'm supposed to be at home watching their child I'm going to run into them HERE!!" :) Anyways I made my quick entrance and exit...and think I'll consider finding an online source for future purchases!! :)

Wellp off to a cookout at the fireworks tent my husband is "living" at...
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