Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Newborn Babies

Emma ~ 1 week

Aidan ~ 1 week

Isaac ~ 1 week

After a month of speculating who Isaac looked like and with minor research we made our best guess of- a Stout in general b/c of the scowl and like Aidan b/c of the prominent nose and a certain little "sad/pouty" face he makes. Well, were we wrong!!!

I was digitally "shuffling" through photos to find pics for one of Emma's school projects. When I hit pictures of Emma's first weeks at home I about jumped out of my seat! OHMYGOODNESS! It's Isaac in pink with bows!
I'm embarrassed to admit that we've been saying for a month that Isaac was our first baby with hair. Well, actually that's a NO! Compared to Aidan yes, but as I look back Emma did in fact have hair and ironically enough it stuck up over her left year just as it does on Isaac. Her hair also had a rather long rat tail in the does Isaac's. Their hair color, head shape and much of their face looks very, very similar. Looking at pics of all three with their eyes open there's just *something* similar in Emma and Isaac's eyes. Yet, Isaac resembles Aidan too. So confusing...but (yes I'm biased) all very, VERY cute as well!

So, now it's up to you all. The pics are posted above. In order Emma, Aidan & then sweet little (rollalicious) Isaac.


Tamara McKee said...

Emma all the way! I LOVE LOVE those pictures. They are too, precious! You are a wonderful mom! You have 3 beautfiul children!

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