Wednesday, January 13, 2010

4 Months

Despite my best efforts to remove Dec. 12th from the calendar the day did come & go making my baby a whole FOUR months old! I just can NOT believe it!

isaac 4 months

And yes he really IS this sweet!

sweet isaac

The photo shoot to get the monthly picture is proving more difficult b/c he quickly pulls out of the sitting position & dives forward like this…

isaac rollin

.: Stats- 16 lbs 5 oz., 26 in.

.: What You’re Wearing- 3-6 month clothes fit for about 2 weeks.  In 6-9 months at 3 1/2 months

.: Firsts- rolling from tummy to back- took you a long time to do it b/c you actually like being on your tummy and didn’t desire another position, lots of smiles and even a cackle every now and then, just starting to find your feet, teenage babysitter- Katherine & Juliana watched you Emma, Aidan & the Kooser girls while we went to see the movie The Blind Side

.: From Head To Toe- hair is still red!!  eyes are brown around the pupil and then a gray/blue- beautiful if you ask me especially with the miles of eyelashes surrounding them!,

.: Loves- propping your feet on the toy bar of the bouncy seat, saucer, looking at smiling faces, tummy time or sitting up and alert in a lap.

.: Dislikes- still NOT a swing or car seat lover!! grr!, bumbo chair

.: Eating- still chowing 6 oz Sensitive formula every 3-4 hours

.: Sleeping- up at least 2 if not 3 times a night, sleeps on tummy with pacci

.: Misc Facts-

Your first Thanksgiving. Turkey day at Grandma & Papa Stouts in Atlanta and then to Melvern Friday for the weekend.

Another trip to Mimi’s for Thanksgiving to work on Uncle Adams new house and see some of the extended Brennan fam.

Starting to grab toys and pull toward your mouth.


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