Thursday, July 29, 2010

Church Ladies

Not the “old, blue-haired, knee high falling down, potlucks with green jello and carrots, early morning coffee bible study” church ladies from my youth. My church ladies.  Gals that want to be young, stylin’, holding hip late into the wee hours of the morning bible studies and we’d never allow each other to bring jello with vegetables as a salad!

I was so happy that my “church ladies” took time from their busy schedules to have one last night out with me.  Totally sad that the timing of sick kids kept Audra away!!

We met at Chipotle, where I’m ashamed to admit at how proficient I have become at eating a football sized burrito!

 Chipolte girls

Pictured: (starting on the left)
Amanda M- A long time small groupie.  Her husband Kevin, the Koosers (Shonda on the right) and Matt & I have branched off small groups a couple times starting new group with new folks.  Amanda is super sweet. Her and Kevin are fun to hang around!  Always fun to tease Kevin of his phobia of eating white items and Amanda with her love of spreadsheets. :)  She has one of the most inspiring story as a mother and the complete acts of selflessness the role involves!!

Tamara- One gal I should have followed around a bit more!! Shoulda picked up some of that coupon clippin’ and organization skills!!  Her youngest Nicole is a friend of Emma’s.  Always reassuring when you have a friend that you can send your child to their home for a play date and not worry a bit!  Tamara always loved on my boys in the church nursery since the time they were tiny. Yet another sweet spirited friend God has given me!!

Amanda G.- Sad to think back to how long I’ve known OF Amanda dating back to our first days at FCC, yet only in the last couple years grown closer and even more recent our husbands connecting!  Amanda is one of those that I  think “wow I should be more patient, gentle, detailed and sweet spirited like her”. Instead she is a great compliment to my crazy, sporadic and whirl-wind self.  She is a devoted friend, loving mother with a genuine sweet heart that doesn’t enjoy drama…although her family provides lots of great stories!! :)

Shonda- Another long time small groupie.  She and Ken were softball players that Matt enjoyed playing co-ed softball with.  She and I have a connection of friendship that is indescribable.  One thing that makes Shonda and I different is probably her love of softball and my total undesired of standing in a hot, sunny dirty ball field! :)  I don’t really have the words at this moment, the time or quantity of Kleenexes to explain how we connected as sisters in Christ.

Girls I’m so glad you wanted to hang with me one more time before the chance was gone.  I miss and love each of you! Keep in touch!

Another (college) Good-Bye

I’ve never been a fan of “good-byes”.  Maybe it’s my tried and true personality trait of procrastination.  Many times since April I have put off a good-bye if at all possible to wait closer to our time of leaving.

I was kinda spoiled in the last weeks of our time in KS with mini goodbye parties with friends.

My college room mate Karra was one.  She and I met back in ‘96 while I was still in HS, but would visit my brother at ESU.  Then my freshman year of college I roomed with her and another girl living as a freshman on an upperclass floor. 

She left college before I, but we remained close.  I was in her wedding a short month before she was in mine.  I was there as she welcomed home her first son, Brent, and she was there with motherly wisdom when I had Emma.  Three boys later for her and 3 kids of my own and unfortunately we allowed the 20 min. between us to make far too infrequent visits.

One thing we did start doing just 2 years ago was our Holiday Bake Day.  She operates a bakery out of her home and has tons of kitchen space.  So we decided it would be awesome to go to her house and bake up mass quantities of goodies to pass out during the holidays.  We each choose 2-3 of our favorite recipes makes a huge batch and share with each other.  GREAT fun and something I will dearly miss this coming holiday season. 

We had a nice dinner at Carrabbas.  Joining us was April.  Another example of how my friends have introduced me to some other great gals!!  I first met her 2 1/2 years ago at our first annual holiday bake day.  She too a new mother of 3 brought cute little Sophie (3 mo) to join our girls night out.


Karra  I will miss bunches!  There’s so much I could learn about cooking, baking and cake decorating from her!!  My kids bday cakes will never be as good as when we were close enough for one of her cakes!!  Thank goodness for unlimited long distance so we can continue our weekly phone calls!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Journey “home”

Tried to snap some pics along the way to our new…uhm…"home”.  There.  I said it.  Still kinda get a lumpy throat thinking about that too much.

We started our journey after filling our bellies in Derby following tearful good-byes at church.  We filled up the truck on it’s last bit of good gasoline it would see until Phoenix and pulled out of the West side of Wichtia about 3.

We made it a whooping what? 30 minutes to Kingman for the first pottybreak for our walnut-sized-bladder-son Aidan! We had dinner in Liberal before tearing through the remainder of KS, pan handle of OK, and a small section of TX.  There were several more stops for potty breaks, and at other times had Aidan pee in a cup.  I know Matt was frustrated, but I also recall his parents discussing a little boy who did the same on their trips to TX. Hehe!

Once dark hit in TX they all became calm and sleepy…that was until the horrrrrid smell of the feed lots!!! Isaac woke from a dead sleep screaming from the smell.  Pretty certain the thought he had messed himself!! :)  We agreed it would be a terriable place for  your car to break down.  On we went.

About 100 miles out side of Albuquerqe Isaac was D.O.N.E with his carseat.  We pulled into our hotel at about 1:15 KS time.  He had been in and out of his seat since 2 pm.  Poor guy!

The kids were so excited to wake, look out the window and see a mountain right behind us!!

The next day seeing New Mexico in the daylight proved me wrong!! It was really pretty!  I drrreaded the thought of crossing an entire state that was most likely dirt and weeds and miles of straight roads like this…. 


Not so!  The kids were sooo excited to see mountains…or piles of rocks. :)  DSC05091 DSC05093 DSC05090

Much to my surprise we didn’t get a “are we there yet” until very shortly before we saw this….DSC05097

We took the route to Flagstaff which would then bring us into the north side of Phoenix.  That route was a very pleasant trip!  The area around Flagstaff is waaaay different than what you would picture AZ or what I knew Phoenix to be.  It was very similar to CO and about 10 degrees cooler than Phoenix!DSC05113

I was NOT fond of the highways going doooown the mountain and curvey…with speed limits of 60 and my hubby going…well OVER that!  Especially when I only spent about 100 of the 1068 miles actually looking out the front window.  There always seemed to be someone crying, needing a drink, a toy picked-up, or SOMEthing! :)

The closer we got to Phoenix the kids began their “cacus” hunt.  They had been begging since the middle of NM to see a “cacus” and then suddenly the trees were gone and there were hundreds of “cacus”. They were so excited!!!  Aidan’s response “Oh my smokies!” (That’s his combo of OMG which he’s been getting in trouble for and his other famous phrase Holy Smokes)

At one (or shall I say ANOTHER) point Aidan needed to potty and wanted to get out and potty on a “cacus” put was worried he’d hurt his “neked”.  Whew…he’s a funny boy!!

We cruised into our hotel about 6 pm Phoenix time in time for dinner (since it was 8 to the kiddos!!), bath and bed!!! Whew!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What I’m needing…

so many thoughts and emotions as my last night in my home is ticking by.  The home I brought my babies home to.  The home Matt and I planned and had built together. (which was less stressful than preparing to move out of!!)

I need time.  More time to visit and hug friends of Derby that I will miss so dearly.  Why did it feel like I’ve waiting until the last week to squeeze in visits!

I need the knot in my stomach to fade and the peace I felt for the past weeks/months to find me.

I need a good cry probably…get it all out…a real ugly one with wrinkled face and all.

I need “normal” back in my life.

I need to stop thinking/wishing that I was 5 months preggers and preparing for the happy craziness of 4 kiddos…instead of packing, emailing, faxing, calling, organizing a move, grouching at my husband and kids and already missing friends and family.

I need the next 3 days to be as peaceful as the last 2 between Matt and I.  Makes it all so much easier when we’re on the same page working together.

I need to NOT cry as Emma is saying good bye to her friends.  I need to be as brave as her! :)

I need lots.  There’s more I could say and probably even something profound…but I MUST HAVE & NEED S.L.E.E.P!


Last Burnett Visit

*Little late getting this one posted…needed to find the box w/cds so I could post the last pic! :) *

My family came one last time the weekend before the movers arrived.  Not sure if it was to see us, or in Marica’s case, to get donuts!! :)

Mom helped refinishing the dresser we got for Emma’s new room.


Uncle Adam came and hung out for a bit.  A shot with all the kiddos…


and then one I love of he and Emma…


The kids had great fun with the playset (still sooo sad to leave it!!), the pool, slip n slide and believe it or not…a bucket!! 

DSC04983 DSC04987 DSC04993 DSC04996

Papa gave motorcycle rides.  I got on a bike for the first time.  At 12 mph I was at the max speed I’d ever want to be on a bike!!


Michelle and the boys came to visit as well!  So great to see them!  We’ve taken a picture of the boys every time we’re together since Aidan was born…

July ‘10-


May ‘07- (boys positioned in opposite order than above)

3 boys

Great visit and hopefully it won’t be too long before I see many of them again…and for sure at Thanksgiving!!

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