Thursday, December 2, 2010

Emma’s Christmas Program

#1 Take some dramamine as this video is shaky due to a 1 yr old that doesn’t like to be anywhere but his mother’s lap.

#2 Be glad this is not smell-ivision.  Aidan apparently “sharted” in our mad rush to the program.  It was us with the stinky kid.  Right behind the girl with BO!! Whew.  Wonder why no one sat near us? Hmm.  No not really! :)

Here she is in her dress from last year.  She wanted to wear it and I didn’t want to spend $$ on yet another foo-foo dress with matching foo-foo shoes. :)  BTW I think she grew 12 inches since last year.  It was shooooort.  Yikes.  Didn’t know they were doing hand motions above their head…


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