Tuesday, April 5, 2011

3 Things

In my boredom {shocking…seldom do I find myself bored} tonight I decided to stop blog stalking & use a blog prompter to make a post. Cause I felt like it.

3 Things I Am Grateful for…

1. Friends of old & new.  I’ve been incredible blessed with friends in my life. From high school, college, neighbor-friends, daycare families turned friends, teacher friends, church & small group friends, KS friends, AZ friends, family that’s like friends…& on.  The real blessing is that no matter how often we see one another I have a circle of friends that I can go to or call & pick up like no time has passed.  Those are true friends I am grateful for.

2. Kids.  Specifically MY kids…there are days I’d give anything to escape the craziness that is my life, but grateful to find humor at the same time.  Most times you gotta laugh or you’ll cry!!  On any given day they teach or test me in living a grace filled life, patience, self control, complete forgiveness, unconditional love, finding joy in all things & having earthly & eternal priorities in check. Over all make me strive to live more like Christ each day.  I’m also grateful for the blessing nieces, nephews, former students & daycare kids have brought to my life.  They all hold special places in my heart!

3. Last, but not least Dr Pepper. Ok not Dr Pepper, but my Dr Pepper provider…Matt!! He’s always willing when I’ve had a rough day to bring me some bubbly goodness on his way home from work.  I’m sure the last thing he wants to do is make a stop on his way home, but he does because he doesn’t want to suffer the wrath of me & he loves me. He’s understanding of my craziness & loves me when I barely love myself.  Although our food preferences could not be any more different we have found a nice balance in our life where our opposites work together to make a great partnership. :).


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