Friday, April 22, 2011

Cupcake Kids

About a month ago I learned about via my awesomesauce friend Colleen over at  That connection lead us to signing up for a National Cupcake Sale to help the ministry  to help orphans in Africa. This spurred some great conversations with Emma & open her heart to things in this world that are even hard for us as adults to fully understand.

Now, my Emma LOVES to cook.  She loves to watch food network or TLC, particularly Cake Boss, Cupcake Wars, etc.  Plus she LOVES to play store, or play anything involving selling stuff.  She’s had 2 lemonade stands in her 7 years of life & talks about them frequently & begs to have another constantly.  PERFECT match.  Cupcake bake sale/lemonade stand with proceeds benefiting those in need!! YAY!!

This is where I should have just stirred up some regular.ole cupcakes, but NOOOO.  On a date night the week prior Emma & I ended up at Barnes & Noble browsing cupcake decorating books.  Wow….E.lab.O.rate stuff out there!!

We opted for a rainbow theme.  You know…the reminder of God’s promises.

Here we go. White cake mix + lots of of food coloring = crazy time consuming

Assistant Baker Extraordinaire



DSC07765 DSC07767

Beater licker extraordinaire.


Layers upon layers of colors,  1 Tbls at a time.


Time consuming, but LOOOOVE the result!!!! A taste test was necessary to ensure quality of product. :)


We also did homemade primary colored funfetti cupcakes to go with our ROYGBIV theme.  They were so very, very simple!!


The sales table set up at our worthless attempt at a garage sale with the neighbor.


We printed the signs & she decorated them with markers. :)

DSC07806 DSC07807

We also had literature on our upcoming sermon series at our church along with a flyer on the details of Sixty Feet.


Emma’s best customer.  The kid literally ate nothing but donuts for bfast & cupcakes every half-hour there after.  This is his “real men eat rainbow cupcakes shot” :)

 DSC07814 DSC07815

I wish I could say Emma had a fully giving heart in this experience.  She loves her some money to buy worthless cheap toys that break instantly shop with.  I think it has more to do with development & her spend spend spend mentality rather than a heart that doesn’t care for others.  Ultimately though she understood that the money was not for her. 

What a testament it was to Emma when a family with 3 young kids came & discussed in great detail with us about Sixty Feet & the plight that so many orphans face in this world.  How truly rich we are here in the ole U S of A.  They gave $10 for 3 mini cupcakes.  She was so excited & surprised. 

She didn’t even make $20 that day, but hopefully learned an valuable lesson. :)


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