Friday, April 1, 2011

Westgate Fun

Emma was out of school today which worked well cause I was still feeling the guilt from her boooorrrrrring spring break.  Her & Isaac having a fever & illness kinda dampened the fun factor SOOO today I kinda made up for it.  We packed some SPF 1500, towels, lunch & took off to Glendale Westgate area.  It’s a shopping plaza area full of shops, restaurants, movie theater, Jobing Arena & the near by University of Phoenix Stadium.  Our target for the day was Fountain Center that has water squirting out of the ground for kiddos to play in. (*side note our neighborhood has 2 splash pads, but aren’t open yet!! Can’t wait till they open!)

It was sunny.  It was warm…but ONLY 99…not the 101 forecasted.  The kids played, splashed, fell & got hurt, ate, played & splashed some more. :)


Emma & Aidan


I wasn’t sure how he would do but….Isaac had so much fun!!

DSC07705  DSC07718  

Lunch time!!

DSC07707 DSC07712

Buddies.  Chillin. Hiding from coyotes & MMA wresting.  ALL BOY!!

DSC07713DSC07722  DSC07725 DSC07723 

We’re home.  We’re hot.  We’re tired….and probably burnt!! :)


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