Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bunk Beds by my Handy Man!!

Aidan’s toddler bed broke in the move.  Like good parents we still have him sleeping in it.  Generally it’s ok smashed in the corner so the footboard stays on…but there might have been occasions where in the night I have found him sleeping on a slight…shall we say “incline”.  Of course I wake him and fix it…NOT.  I do NOT…repeat do NOT believe in waking sleeping children. It’s the 11th commandment. Thou shall not wake sleeping children. Honest.

After shopping local furniture stores we were highly disappointed in what we found.  Knowing Matt has the skills to something better than this…

bunk bed on movie

but then again time is worth something.  End result…we were NOT about to buy a POS bunk bed set to the tune of $1400 + when there’s great sites like where talented and generous folks make plans to ease the process of building & taking pride in constructing a FINE piece of furniture with your own.2.hands! Our set of bunk beds will cost a 1/4th of what they charge in the stores for cheaply assembled & particle board set of bunks. Yeehaw!

So we started at Lowes with a pile of lumber, box of screws, oh- & “my” new compound miter saw.  (Matt’s reward for projects are new power tools…which work great later on for me cause I’ve got a list of other “builds” for him!! ) After 10 hours of sanding & prep…


the building began…all the while Daddy had his Big Guy helper. Who helped hold boards (covering his eyes from the saw!!) & would try his darnedest to try his hand at all the tools.

DSC07649 DSC07653 

Each end is built.


Construction mostly done!!!


Disassembled, conditioned & ready for some saweeeeeet dark walnut stain!!


Here’s a sample of the stain. I LURV it!!! Matt really wanted to paint it, but now agrees with my stain color –!


Now it’s POLY time….then get mattresses, & waterproof mattress protectors & assembly in the boys’ room!!! Can’t wait…yet kinda dreading taking Isaac out of his cage…I mean crib. :)

Should have it all up & ready this time next week!!!


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