Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bunk Beds

Well as I started in THIS post we (meaning Matt with minimal help from me) built the boys bunk beds. The process of picking boards at Lowes was simple.  They all seemed to have Matt’s name on them.  Each one with a lil’ tag that said “Select Stud”.  Just callin’ his name. :)  I therefore made him wear said name tag while building so when the neighbors came observing his skills (& they did) they could call him by “name”.


The beds turned out GRRRREAT!!  We are so pleased with the stain color & quality of the beds!!  A few mattresses, peeproof protectors, sheet sets, pillows, etc, etc & we are ready. Except for the ladder which is still a pile of wood in the garage :) Lumber, screws & finishing products were about $150.  Waaay better than the cheapo craptastic beds at the furniture stores around here!!  Of course my new miter saw, 2 twin mattresses & all bedding necessities added up, but still a great investment!!

First things first a shot of the boys’ room with freshly painted stripes.  We went all “non-thematic” with just solid colors pulled from the quilt set from Tarje (or however you spell the fancy pronunciation of Target).  With the help of a handy dandy lazer level & rolls of tape lines were formed….

New Bunks (5)

The walls are khaki, appleish green, navy & orange (Aidan’s FAV color). (GO TROJANS for all ya MdCV fans!!)

Here’s a few pics of  bed BEFORE yummy finishing.  It’s what I call  ala-bare-pine boards & 2x4’s….

DSC07641 DSC07640

Yes our garage does have a bit of QT decor.  Yes we are QT gas snobs. I prefer anyone who sends us money each week in the form of a paycheck.

Here’s the AFTER pics. It’s what I like to call- ala yummy fabo dark walnut!!  New Bunks (6)

Sidenote- unintentional things that make my <3 sing??? See on the left of the photo how the bottom of the orange line perfectly hits the bottom of the board the length of the bed??  Then the bottom of the blue line runs perfectly at the top of the mattress??? TOTALLY unplanned!!!  We measured the height of the bed so the green line would be right above it, but the bottom lines we just randomly placed by what we thought might look good. Ah.  Happy little details.

New Bunks (4) New Bunks (2)

A close up to see the color on the “railing” to hopefully keep Aidan in the top bunk…once that pesky ladder gets completed.

New Bunks (8)    

You will also see in above photo a hint of a white baby crib still up.  Yes, it’s there.  I had planned to sell the crib/toddler bed mattresses at a garage sale, but darn they didn’t sell….I think God’s telling us me something. :) hahaha.  {This is a TEST.  Only a TEST to see if Matt every reads my blog!! Matt are you reading?? Are you BREATHING????!!!} 

We are considering a removable ladder.  You know…get Aidan in bed…tuck him in then remove ladder so he DOESN’T find his way to our bed in the night. :) 

I did try Isaac in the bottom bunk one night last week…at 6 am I found him frustrated & fussing at the door downstairs leading out to the garage.  Either he thought we had all left him OR he was trying to escape.  When E & A were first in “big” beds they didn’t even try to get out the first few mornings.  They would just call for me.  Not Mr. Isaac!!! 

So since the top bunk isn’t usable & we still have all the crib components he’s back in there tonight, last night & until I have to take him out!! :)


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