Monday, June 22, 2009

Brennan Reunion

Last weekend we traveled to Oklahoma City to attend the Brennan Family Reunion. The Brennans have been hosting a reunion every other year since 1989. A lot has changed since that first reunion held at Stumble Stone Acres in Cape Fair MO. We've lost several cherished loved ones through the years, yet each time we get together it's a great time. Here's a photo of everyone in attendance this year. It was actually a small crowd compared to some years in the past. Most attendees were my mom's siblings and their children/grandchildren. Of course THE "Brennan" himself Grandpa John was there. It just simply wouldn't have been the same without him!!! So glad God has given him the health to travel!! Thanks again to Joe & Rodney and Gary & Patty for your hospitality!!

Below is my mom and 5 of her seven siblings with Grandpa. Not pictured Lisa & Vic.

Here are the Grandchildren of Grandpa Johns. Mike, myself, Brooke, Amber, Melissa, Jenny, and my crazy brother. Not pictured: Marcia, Brian, Megan, Beth, Diane, Nathan & Amanda.

Below are a few of the Great-Grandchildren. Pictured are Dallen, Madison, Emma & Aidan. Not pictured: Sabastian, Jarod & of course the coming Stout Sprout!!

Here's a shot from the 5th Reunion (2nd held at Stumble Stone) in 1997. Look at all those people!!

Saturday morning of our reunion weekend we went to the OKC zoo. Here's a pic of the 4 kids before hitting the zoo hard!

Emma with her gorilla friend.

Aidan and his friend tortoise.

Madison- lookin' in a mirror?? :)

Mimi and her buddy Dallen riding the tortoise.

Beautiful pic of Madison, Mimi & Stacy.

The muscles behind our zoo adventure. Matt was a trooper pushing a cart full of little boys or little girls through the heat!
Yes! I was actually there! Here's a shot of an exhausted mommy and her 2 kids after our Zooventure!!

The boys didn't make it long out of the zoo before crashing!! It was nap time!

Our hotel had an indoor pool so the kids enjoyed swimming Fri. night, Sat. afternoon and even Sun. morning between breakfast and check out! Dallen preferred the hot tub, the girls enjoyed splashing on the stairs, but Aidan took COUNTLESS jumps into the water! He is fearless about jumping in!! He would count before jumping...1,2,1!!!! As soon as he hit the water he would say "More, MORE!".

Sweet shot of Madison and Emma snuggled up catching their Zzz's for the Zoo! I think the swimming made them tired!

After a good nights rest and some breakfast they are ready to hit the Zoo!
Another exciting event of the weekend (which I forgot to take a picture of!!!) was going to dinner with Jason and Meg!! It was great to see them and was a chance for Jason and Matt to meet!! We look forward to seeing them again soon!

Wellp the OKC trip will probably be one of my last trips too far from Wichita until post new Stout Sprout. I do have 2 short trips planned to go back home...but don't think this preggo body will cross Kansas state lines until after August!!


Beth&Diane said...

Those pics are too cute!! Looks like everyone had a great time! I bet the zoo was a fun time, to bad it was soo hot though. Wish we could have made it but looking forward to seeing you soon!

Meg said... was great seeing you, too! And I'm glad you didn't take a pic of me. Until I get more of this weight gone, NO MORE PICS!

thepartridgefamily said...

Looks like you had a fun busy weekend. Family reunions are a nice time to visit and see family you don't get to see the rest of the year.

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