Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Me! Monday ~ 1st Attempt

This is a first for me in the blogging world. One site I blog stalk is My Charming Kids by MckMama. She has a weekly activity (also known as blog carnival) called "Not Me! Monday" where as mothers we share the things that have happened recently that we'd rather forget or a light hearted way to share imperfections we struggle with as moms. I'm not sure how well I'll keep up at doing this, but I had a few come to mind tonight so I'm going to give it a shot! Here it goes...

I most certainly did NOT spend every spare moment today cleaning my kitchen simply to mess it all up by going and spending $250 + at the grocery store and now it's all over what was my clean kitchen.

I'm always thinking ahead so I most definately did NOT "punish" Emma for disobeying by taking away her evening at the Fireworks stand with Daddy...which if she had gone with Daddy would have made the grocery shopping trip a bit easier!

It is NOT 11 p.m. as I type this with the mess and non-refrigerated foods still in the sea of white bags on my kitchen and dining room floor. And for those that know my pregnancy treats craving I do NOT have chocolate running down my face from eating a smore as I work on this blog!!!

Being the mother cautious with my children's nutrition I did NOT skip making them grilled pork chops and baked potatoes to take them to the oh-so-unhealthy Yellow Arches in order to make it to the store in a more timely manner.

Speaking of time I would NEVER be the mom that was just leaving the grocery store totally oblivious to the fact it was AFTER 9 pm. Seriously I did NOT spend from 7-9:30 in one store that didn't involve clothes, shoes or anything fun for myself?!?! And Aidan was NOT asleep within 2 blocks of the store.

We didn't spend half that time in the bathroom because Emma decided to poo. While Emma took her sweet time Aidan certainly stood by me perfectly still like a gentleman. He NEVER tried to peek under the stalls at other women using the restroom and his hands NEVER touched any of the disgusting surfaces in said public bathroom. Oh yes, and Emma did NOT request (in front of a stranger) for me to look at her poo. Thank goodness for Autoflush! I missed getting to see it, but don't worry she took great detail to explain it to me!

Back to Aidan...being the courteous shopper I am I would NEVER have allowed Aidan to scream off and on most of the shopping trip...retrieving things as quickly as he could throw them out. He did NOT open 2 different boxes of items before we reached the check out. I was using firm discipline the entire time and was NOT operating in survival mode!

I would NEVER purchase my children who act like wild monkey's in a store an Icee as an attempt to make it though the final 20 minutes of shopping. If I was such a mother I'm certain a sugar rush like displayed in the video below would occur...again that's why I'd NEVER do such a thing...

Hmm...weird. I think I've seen that kid before!!??

Being that I have it all together and my home and life are totally organized I did NOT suffer a mild, ok severe panic attack when for some reason I realized my camera was missing. I didn't basically make Emma put herself to bed because the search for the camera was higher priority at that moment. BTW the NEW camera was NOT eventually located under a folded portion of my bedroom comforter...who would keep a camera there?!?! And of course if the camera was lost in the comforter I would have found it this AM when I made my bed like I do everyday! (Yikes....side note- that needs further explanation...Aidan and I were looking out our bedroom window at fireworks last night...he was scared...I was taking any comforting mom would!?!?! Anyways...there was no weird kinky bedroom pics being taken....just wanted to clear that up.)

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.


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