Thursday, July 7, 2011

Land of Oz Part III

The last leg of our Kansas trip was with the in-laws.  The 4th of July is a big family holiday for the Stouts and it conveniently followed the Melvern Fair!! Yay for timing!!  Time spent with the Stouts means swimming, snow cones, more swimming & lots more snow cones!! :)

I love the look in Isaac’s eyes in these pics with Papa.  Excited & so happy!! He loves playing with a “pedo” (torpedo) in the pool.

6.15 - 6.18 1st leg of KS trip (33) 6.15 - 6.18 1st leg of KS trip (32) 

He also enjoyed swimming with his cousin Alex.  I remember what seemed like a few short years ago I took a picture of my bright, blue eyed nephew Alex in a very similar yellow baby floaty!!  Speaking of swim floaties…we wanted to ensure Isaac’s safety… :)

6.15 - 6.18 1st leg of KS trip (14) 6.15 - 6.18 1st leg of KS trip (44)

We had the special surprise to spend extra time with Madison, Dallen & Marcia.  Uncle Sam was working near Atlanta so they were able to come swim and enjoy the infamous Stout Snow Cone one afternoon. :)6.27 - 7.2 Atlanta leg of KS trip (36)

The kids (mostly Emma) enjoyed helping Grandma work in the kitchen.  Grandma made all of Daddy’s favorites…Peanut Butter Fingers, some type of peanut butter squares that should make the Reese PB cup company worry, and Bierocks.  Below the kids are helping Grandma make cinnamon rolls from the left over bierock dough.

 6.27 - 7.2 Atlanta leg of KS trip (68) 6.27 - 7.2 Atlanta leg of KS trip (67) 

Emma also helped fill star shaped ice cube trays.  I mean what fun is the 4th of July without thematic ice cubes?!?! 

6.27 - 7.2 Atlanta leg of KS trip (57)

The “before” of our fireworks display.  Luckily Matt & Chris shopped for explosives.  If it were me we might have sparklers, poppers, smoke bombs & a $10 fountain would be the finale.  Not these boys.  Shoot they let Aidan pick out a fire cake that cost more then what I’d spend in 2-3 years of fireworks!! :)

7.4.11 4th of July (2)

Their display requires prep work…with the close eye of one of my boys…oh great….

i phone pics 159

Aidan’s not so sure of the noise.  Isaac loves popping poppers with a flip flop on his hand!! So cute!!  He went through box after box of poppers!!

  7.4.11 4th of July (34) 6.27 - 7.2 Atlanta leg of KS trip (52)     

Here’s my patriotic babies!!  Not pictured is Emma’s so-she-thinks American Girl doll with a dress matching hers. 

My 4th SweetiesMy BabyDSC08852My 4th Girl

Chris, Mandy & lil’ Libby w/Max in the oven!! We also had the special treat of having Adam & Beth come down for the 4th.  Unfortunately it rained most of the time they were here and cleared off as they were leaving.  Luckily they were able to see a bit of our display in their rearview mirror on their way home !:)DSC08786    DSC08808 I LOVE this picture of Beth & Emma.  Smiles weren’t too plentiful with Emma that day.  She was VERY sad that the rain was ruining what she thought the day should be…can’t blame her, but it’s her first rainy 4th in all her 7 & A HALF years.


Here are the pyro boys AFTER display photo.  Scary, scary mess of of fire work!! Luckily they weren’t hurt…although my nephew Alex was on the hand by a smoke bomb…OUCH.

  7.4.11 4th of July (55) 

We celebrated the 4th on the 3rd, so the 4th was left for getting packed back up in order to leave super bright and early on the 5th.  We did take some time away to meet my family & friend Michelle for lunch in El Dorado.  Everyone needed a bit more time with Isaac & attempted closure following the accident.  Got me some Freddy’s before leaving KS YUM!     DSC08866DSC08869

We left about 3 am to head back to AZ.  We find driving while the kids sleep the first portion is the way to go.  We made a few more stops on the way home, but still made good time…even when you factor in that we drove through the largest Haboob AZ had seen in over 30 years!!

Here’s the timer for our drive back to AZ, then the time elapse that we spent total in the van from leaving AZ-driving all around KS seeing friends - then all the way back to AZ and lastly the trip mileage display. That’s a lot of seat time!! The kids did SO very well!

sept upload 009 i phone pics 170i phone pics 169 

All went so well & was bittersweet to leave, but already looking forward to our trip back for Thanksgiving!! Yay!


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